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Using EducationCity to Support Lesson Planning and Differentiation at Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar Elite International School is an international school in Mongolia, which follows the Cambridge curriculum.

Established in 2005, it has approximately 500 students, of which 397 are international. The school has been using EducationCity for two years and has found it to be beneficial in many ways for teachers, students and parents.

Mustafa Soydemir, Primary Principal at the school, outlines how below:

EducationCity and Teachers

“For teachers, lesson planning right through to marking and assessment are visible in this website. Teachers simply search for the right content related to the topic recently discussed and they will be given options based on the level of the students. The process is easy. They just have to create a new Classwork or Homework MyCity, add content, then choose the settings based on their preferences.

“Teachers are also able to differentiate work for individual students, groups or classes, which exactly meets the needs of those specific students.

“The amazing part is that parents can see the homework or classwork published by the teachers. Teachers can make revisions or add further content later on. They also have access to the students’ information so if parents and students have any questions, they can easily help them. In other words, it’s very flexible and useful for the teachers.”

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EducationCity and Students

“The students of Ulaanbaatar Elite International School find the website enjoyable and challenging. They always look forward to the classwork and homework given to them. The school allocates an hour every week for EducationCity and the students look forward to that hour. They enjoy the graphics, the design, the sounds and the way the site is user-friendly for everyone.

“They like answering the questions by clicking on the right answer, and the fact that they can print out their own certificates adds to the excitement for them.”

EducationCity and Parents

“For our students’ parents, EducationCity’s been a very useful tool to make connections with their children. When homework is set, parents will help them, especially the younger ones, to find it. Furthermore, parents who need help with their own English, learn with their kids; they enjoy the activities and find them challenging themselves.

“Parents are also using the website to study on their own since they have full access to it. They are allowed to search for topics based on their level and practice a lot during their free time because the site is not limited.”

EducationCity is powered by AWS which means teachers, parents and students can easily access content from anywhere.