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Using EducationCity as an Effective Learning Resource at Varee Chiangmai School, Thailand

Varee Chiangmai School is situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The school has been using EducationCity for its teaching and learning for just over a year.

Mr Maxwell, Head of English Programme, explains how the school has adopted EducationCity and how it has benefited teachers and students there. “After having successfully adopted and implemented EducationCity in the Primary Department at Varee Chiangmai School, it is clear that this learning tool is not only user-friendly and engaging but also a very effective learning resource.”

EducationCity and Students

“As a teacher, I use the maths content in a variety of ways to support my students. The Activities are used in lesson time to aid learning. I organize the students into groups and set specific Activities to complete. This allows me to differentiate learning and meet students’ needs. A large number of our students use EducationCity during the weekend too, regardless of whether they have homework or not.”

EducationCity and Teachers

“From the teachers’ perspective, reviewing, assigning and evaluating students’ work is straightforward, and teachers, some of which are self-confessed technophobes find the system very easy to navigate. The support team at EducationCity are also very helpful and always ready to help with any queries we have.”

Assessment with EducationCity

“EducationCity’s functionality for assessing learning progress is also an excellent tool which enables teachers to quickly tailor learning to meet the students’ needs. Finally, I’d recommend EducationCity to other international educational institutions that are looking for an effective online learning resource for young learners.”