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Improving Student Outcomes and Empowering Teachers Through the Implementation of Digital Content with Edmentum’s EducationCity

Across the world, schools have different strategies and views on how to improve their students’ outcomes and empower their teachers with time-saving tools and the resources they need to do their jobs more effectively. Abura Apiny, Lead Coordinator Academics at Jaffery Academy Mombasa; Miranda McGovern, Head of Hillcrest Early Years at Hillcrest International Schools; and Kelly Pugh, Assistant Headteacher at Braeburn School, discussed these areas in relation to digital content and Edmentum’s EducationCity in a roundtable event.

In this roundtable session, the speakers discussed their school backgrounds, the ways their use of online learning programs has changed over the last two years, the manner they utilize blended learning in their learning spaces, and their goals for the future in terms of their use of digital content. They discussed these topics alongside Edmentum’s K-6 personalized learning and assessment program, EducationCity, which all the speakers use to maximize their teaching and learning.

Prefer to read? View a summarized video transcript below.

If you want to find out more about how Edmentum’s EducationCity can support your K–6 personalized learning and assessment needs as it does at Jaffery Academy Mombasa, Hillcrest International Schools, and Braeburn School, request a demo today.

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