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Webinar Schedule

As part of our commitment to supporting educators around the world, we are hosting webinars to showcase how our programs can be implemented to suit hybrid, blended, and distance learning methods.

Addressing the Times Commission Report: Why Wellbeing Isn’t Just About Mental Health, but Rooted in Learning Pedagogy

Edmentum is partnering with COBIS to host a live webinar.

Wednesday, 1st February – 4 pm GMT

The Times Education Commission Report has called us to rethink education in multiple ways. This new paradigm of learning includes attending to the needs and skill development of the Whole Learner. The goal of this session is to begin to build a foundational understanding of how the Pedagogy of Learning is changing based on science.

Those who attend will leave with a greater understanding of:

  • how wellness and learning are integral to each other
  • what it means for upskilling teachers
  • what the impacts might be on a more integrated approach to curriculum

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“When you [have] faculty members saying, ‘This is the best program ever-we want this,’ those are the types of things as a superintendent you feel, okay, this time, I hit the nail on the head.”

Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent, Colbert County School, AL