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Virtual School to support with filling staff gaps, course expansion, and high-quality, certified teachers

We can work together to support your school’s needs with Academy, our K-12 virtual school solution that allows schools to enhance, expand, and extend their program offerings.

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Positive impact on attainment and progress in schools worldwide

“Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.”

Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain

Attract & Retain Students

Academy supports K-12 students with 600+ fully accredited courses and flexible learning options; it also supports progress towards AP, the Dual Diploma, and credit recovery.

Fill Staff Gaps

We can help you address teacher shortages and give students 24/7 support. Our fully qualified teachers can provide a cost-effective solution to teacher shortages faced in schools.

Evident Results

Academy has produced strong results, including a 92% pass rate, 93% of students are satisfied with courses, and 96% of school leaders are satisfied with curriculum quality.

Curriculum Expansion

With over 600 courses, you can expand course options in even the most specialized subjects, as well as utilize them for support with the AP, Dual Diploma, credit recovery, and career readiness.

Study to Suit Your Students

Whether you want to integrate Academy within a brick and mortar setting, use it for gifted students with demanding schedules, or support a fully distance learning environment, we can help.


Academy is Cognia™ accredited and recognized by the most elite educational institutions, including the F-1 Study Visa application.

London Academy
Casablanca’s Case Study

“It’s a great way to take classes and earn credits that you might not be able to fit into a regular school day.”

Student, London Academy Casablanca, Morocco

Your Comprehensive Online Learning Experience

Utilize Edmentum’s award-winning curriculum based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards to give your students a comprehensive online learning experience.

You can meet each child at their proficiency level through media-rich, rigorous content, and interactive experiences. Your students gain from a personalized learning experience with over 600 courses and the “learning by doing” philosophy.

*All of our products are fully GDPR and data protection compliant.

✔ Customizable content that is fully accredited
✔ Allows teachers to deliver quality online content
✔ Educators are able to add their own content and adapt courses
✔ Schools can choose from over 600 courses
✔ Supports additional electives, AP, credit recovery, and core subjects

Accredited, Rigorous, Standards-Aligned Curriculum

To ensure our curriculum is closely linked to relevant standards from a content, technology, and accessibility standpoint, we work closely with third parties. Educators can rest assured and save time by utilizing Edmentum’s rigorous, engaging, up-to-date, and standards-aligned curriculum.

✔ Over 600 courses to support your students with an assigned Edmentum certified teacher
✔ Online teaching experts and fully accredited curriculum
✔ Supports individual course or “full-time enrolment,” which can help you with the creation of your own Virtual School to partner with your brick and mortar structure

Certified Online Teachers to Support the Virtual Learning Journey

Students are automatically assigned an online tutor when they enrol in Academy classes to assist them with their learning journey.

Our tutors are available to answer questions, help with material understanding, monitor pace towards academic goals, and grade coursework. Video conferencing, phone, and email are all used to communicate, and live lessons and virtual “office hours” are also available. Our secure, web-based system allows our teachers to grade students’ work, assignments, and tests.

✔ Increase student engagement with extra assistance from teachers guiding learning
✔ Students can benefit from Edmentum’s teachers supporting them with content
✔ Tutoring on our content and learning concepts can be extended to 24/7 at an additional fee
✔ Content access is made available with or without our tutors

Supporting Your Students on Their Pathways to Graduation

We have over 600 courses covering core subjects, CTE, electives, World Languages, and advanced courses to suit students’ individual needs.

We can support students looking to graduate by offering them a US high school diploma or help them attain their Dual Diploma Track.

✔ To ensure classroom success, teacher assistance is on hand
✔  K-12 students have access to online curriculum
✔  Your educators can facilitate the classroom while our teachers grade all material and give feedback
✔  Upon completion of a course, all students receive a certificate

Cost-Effective, Fully Qualified, Specialized Teachers

Academy lets your school have access to fully qualified teachers cost-effectively; knowledgeable in even the most complex curricula, with a range of three to 15 years of teaching experience, your students are well-supported with our tutors.

✔ Tutors to ensure your students meet curriculum objectives and standards
✔ Personalized learning paths that give your students control over their educational journeys
✔ Teachers can measure students’ progress and make informed decisions on whether intervention is needed
✔ Supports students with all four learning modalities by incorporating listening, speaking, reading, and writing support into lessons and activities

Our Teachers Support With Recovering Credit & Learning Loss

With Academy, you can provide proven, effective credit recovery solutions to schools worldwide. Academy allows schools to focus on instruction that fills learners’ knowledge gaps and provides them with personalized learning experiences to target specific issues that have prevented progress in the past.

✔ Integrated assessments allow students to move past content they have already mastered and focus on concepts that need attention
✔ Targets the specific issues that have prevented students from progressing in the past 
✔ Edmentum’s courses have a depth of research and breadth of scope that allows you to create a credit recovery program that makes a difference 
✔ 600+ courses to provide students with more options and the opportunity to explore content areas that may not be available

Trusted by Millions of Educators Worldwide

Top World Leaders

We’ve been privileged to educate many top world leaders.

Cognia™ Accredited Courses

Cognia™ accredited courses and diplomas recognized for US entry.

Harvard University

Harvard University welcomed its first Academy student in 2019.

“Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.”

Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain

Our Implementation Team works in partnership with schools every step of the way

We understand the challenges that can be faced when implementing new technologies. That’s why our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We truly view you as a partner. All of our products include complimentary integration, product training, and ongoing support. Our top priority is to ensure you have an easy and successful Edmentum journey!

Bespoke Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager aligned to your custom school requirements.

Full Product Training & Support

Full product support and training sessions at a time that suits you.

Ongoing Program Updates

You will receive regular content and product feature updates.

Program Progress Reviews

We will set up regular check-ins to ensure your goals are met and you are maximizing your investment.

“This is the first time that I feel like we have truly partnered and not just bought a product.”

Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent, Colbert County Schools, AL

EducationCity icon EducationCity

EducationCity offers adaptable learning, assessments, and teacher tools, including lesson planning and data reports. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Exact Path

Truly personalized learning for every student, Exact Path provides adaptable pathways unique to student needs and rigorous reporting for educators. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Study Island

Practice and preparation for high-stakes assessment, Study Island prepares students for success and offers fully adaptable assessments across core subjects. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

EducationCity icon Courseware

Course expansion for schools, offering over 400 courses. The product enables a distance learning model for schools wherever necessary.

path iconAcademy

Virtual School offering over 600 courses for K-12 students, with full progress reporting. The solution can be delivered as a distance learning model or in a brick and mortar setting.