K-12 Practice & Classroom Assessment Tools with Study Island

Study Island is a customizable K-12 practice and assessment solution. It’s designed to support instruction for math, ELA, science, and social studies. With over 600,000 unique items, including more than 10,000 technology-enhanced items, Study Island supports formative assessment strategies and allows teachers to assess standards mastery.

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We provide the practice so that your students can unlock the potential.
Edmentum’s Study Island offers customizable K-12 practice, preparation and classroom assessments that are designed to support your formative assessment strategies. With over 600,000 items including more than 10,000 technology-enhanced items, Study Island is built from the ground up to your state standards by our talented in-house curriculum team, giving you the flexibility and depth to continuously engage, monitor and assess student progress.
Whether you would like to offer students meaningful independent practice or you are looking for ways to engage large or small groups, Study Island includes a variety of powerful options. You can provide structured independent learning with built-in student tools and immediate feedback, incentivize practice with over 20 built-in games and reward student achievement using Blue Ribbons.
Prepare for high-stakes assessments, including state, PARCC, SFAC, and SAT and SAT Tests, offer collaborative group sessions for small-group or whole-class practice on any internet-enabled device. Build and share your own custom assessments based on your state standards. Then, using real-time reporting and our intuitive teacher dashboard, Study Island brings data-rich analytics to life.
Seamlessly track student progress toward grade-level standard mastery, monitor program usage and make faster, more informed instructional decisions. Boost student performance through standards-based practice with Study Island.


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