Cross-Curricular Teaching & Learning with EducationCity

EducationCity provides engaging, educational content across many subjects such as language arts, math and science, to help students aged 3-11 years learn. An easy-to-navigate, intuitive interface with helpful tools supports educators and saves them time with lesson planning, assessment and more.

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Video Transcript:

“I love EducationCity because there is a huge variety of activities that you can do with the students: I can teach them as a group on the interactive whiteboard, and then set them up so that they can work independently on activities; there are really good support materials in terms of lesson plans and ideas”
“EducationCity is really easy to use. It is usually involved in some way in the lesson. I don’t plan around it, but I would use it to support my lesson. And also, I might use it to introduce my lesson; I might use it to sum up my lesson. For example, the ThinkIts are very good plenaries. And, I certainly use the Topic Tools as a teaching aid.”
“I use it quite a lot within my lessons. I will set a group up in MyCity for their objective. They then have a Learn Screen which teaches them about what they are going to learn about that follows on with an Activity that corresponds with that Learn Screen, and then at the end of the lesson, I can check the SuccessTracker and see what progress they have made.”
“I think EducationCity’s really a useful tool in helping teachers with their workload. I think the online marking means staff don’t have to do it. The SuccessTracker, the assessment tools, kind of give all the information that teachers need there ready at their fingertips and that just cuts down on time. And, every little bit of five minutes here and ten minutes there, is really really important.”
“It’s lively, it’s colorful, it’s fun to use. Everyone enjoys it, I enjoy it, and what’s more important, the children enjoy it, so they actually want to use it. They want to do it. They think it’s fun and they like the characters.”
“The 5 x table is really good because we listen to the song and you have to remember it. You can then do it by yourself. It’s like a radio, you fill in all the gaps.”
“If you get the wrong answer, they explain it, and if you get the right answer, they say why it’s the right answer.”
“You can have options. You can choose to do maths, you can choose to do English, but it also gives you ideas of what to do as you’re growing up.”


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