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Video Transcript:

Day in, day out, in class, out and about, information is all around us. Often it’s on overload – so many different means and modes. Information to get stronger, faster, smarter. Go here, go there, stay put, share. Sharing to teach, to learn and to grow, impacting our lives from crawl to college. We learn when we’re surrounded, secluded, assisted, encouraged, empowered, enlightened. Classrooms aren’t here, they’re there or here or there, and sometimes here. We adapt to our surroundings and discover our own possibilities. We become brighter, braver, more eager to create, more creative in solving problems, reading, clicking, smiling, exploring, explaining, succeeding, feeling proud, feeling accomplished, driving our passion to share it all over again and again. We overcome our hardest challenges with the knowledge we gain and share, anywhere, at any time. We can learn.


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