Courseware’s Best-in-Class Online Curriculum

Courseware is a 6-12 engaging, digital curriculum with over 400 courses to support learners. Courseware gives educators the flexibility to meet the needs and pace of individual learners, can be used for course expansion, credit recovery, and prepares learners for college or their career.

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Video Transcript:

Online courses open up a world of opportunity by leveraging a variety of curricula to support flexible implementations for students and educators. Edmentum provides comprehensive, fully customizable, online courses designed to meet the needs of all learners. Our content is aligned to national and state standards, and built using proven and research-based instructional design. Edmentum Courseware offers best-in-class, online curriculum with over 400 engaging courses. Courses address a wide range of educational needs, including original credit, credit recovery, career readiness, college readiness and higher education. Our courseware enhances the way educators utilize data by tracking content mastery and progress to course completion to ensure program goals are met while saving educators valuable time. Whether students are working at grade level, have fallen behind or are in need of advanced options, Edmentum’s curriculum is customizable to each learner’s pace and needs. Our award-winning courseware offers a broad range of core subjects, electives, Career and Technical Education, world languages and advanced courses, all designed to expand student options and provide learning experiences, relevant to the real world. Edmentum Courseware extends learning beyond the classroom, supporting graduation rates and ensuring college and career readiness.


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