Assessment-Driven Instruction with Exact Path

Exact Path is a K-12 assessment-driven math, reading, and language arts instruction solution. Exact Path utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessment data to form a competency-based progression of skills for students, and adaptive tools that offer targeted instruction paced to your students’ needs.

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Video Transcript:

How do you deliver the right lesson at the right level at just the right time? Our individualized learning program, Exact Path, utilizes adaptive assessments, paired with targeted learning paths to support a personalized approach to instruction across reading, language arts, and math.
Begin by taking Edmentum’s adaptive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint precise learning abilities, and access valid growth measures, or leverage your results from one of our assessment partners. Then, students receive adaptive learning paths, assembled specifically to meet their unique needs. These tailored playlists follow an instructionally-valid curriculum progression with coverage of key state standards and skills. As students accelerate at their own pace, they can set goals and monitor their progress.
Clear pictures of progress and performance are also captured for educators in real time using easy-to-read data views and reports. Each step of the way, educators are supported with built-in teacher resources, including small-group planning tools and skills-aligned resources that can be used to support intervention or targeted reteaching.
Built by educators, for educators, Edmentum ensures that you have all the tools to put students on the Exact Path for success.


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