A Tour of EducationCity

Want to find out more about EducationCity? Then why not find out more from a student’s point of view! We’re pleased to suggest watching Rithwik, a student from GEMS Our Own Indian School in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, deliver a tour of EducationCity with specific focus on what students can see. He covers some of the features and resources we showcase every day here on the Edmentum International Team.

This video has been created for GEMS Our Own Indian School and used with permission.

Video Transcript

Hello there, I’m Rithwik Krishna. Today, I’m going to be your guide for this tour of the EducationCity website. So what is EducationCity? EducationCity provides engaging, educational resources, and games for students aged 3-11 years old, like me, so let’s get started.

First, you have to type the URL, https://ec1.educationcity.com, to access the EducationCity website. You will then see this page. In the login page, type your username and password. You will probably need to get it from your teacher, so let me type my username and password.

Once you’ve logged in, you will land on the homepage. As you can see, the homepage is so simple. It has five options; Classwork, Homework, Revision, Subjects, and Scores. If a teacher assigns a Classwork, Homework or Revision activity, you need to click the respective buttons. The interesting thing about EducationCity is that you can get scores from the kids doing different Activities and Tests. I’m going to show you my score towards the end. For now, I am going to click Subjects.

There are many interesting e-learning resources for English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, and Learn English. In this case, French and Spanish are locked. Science is my favorite so I’m going to click Science.

Here, you can access very interesting, interactive learning resources for children who are in the Early Years Foundation Stage to Grade 6. I’m in Grade 4 so let me click Grade 4.

Now we can see five icons. Activities, Topic Tools, Tests, Learn Screens, and ThinkIts. Activities include many interesting, interactive games. Topic Tools are interactive learning resources. Tests, as you know, let you test your knowledge and understanding. Learn Screens help to introduce or revise a topic. ThinkIts help to introduce a new topic by posing a question that you can discuss with your class. So that is a brief introduction about the five icons.

For the purpose of the tutorial, I will demonstrate the different options under Activities, which is my favorite. Wow! You can see there are so many animated videos in different science topics. Let me click on Boiling Point to show you how it works. Here, you can see three buttons, Learn Screen, Play and Activity Sheet. But you may not have all these three buttons for some of the Activities listed here. Upon clicking Learn Screen, you can learn about the topic of Boiling Point.

“Hi Sten! Are you ready for our skiing trip?”

“Yes, I thought I’d quickly check the temperature at Granny’s cabin, but now I’m feeling confused.”

“Well, temperature describes how hot or cold something is.”

Upon clicking Activity Sheets, you will see a worksheet in PDF format, which you can print and complete. But my favorite is Play. When you click Play, you can learn about Boiling Point and play interactive games to get scores. Yes, you will get a certificate when you complete the game.

“Temperature is a measure of heat. It tells us how hot or cold something is. Everything has a temperature.”

Now, let me take you to my scores. So let me take you back to my homepage and show you my scores. Here, I click Pick and Play. And then, I select Science to see my scores in Science.

So my dear friends, I encourage you all to have a wonderful learning experience using EducationCity. Thanks for listening!


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