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Positive impact on attainment and progress in schools worldwide

“Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.”

Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain

Recover Students\' Learning Loss

Recover learning loss with automated, personalized learning. Instantly see your students\’ progress with real-time data reports.

Pinpoint Exact Knowledge Gaps

Identify each student\’s ability to pinpoint their exact knowledge gaps. Use gap analysis reports to deliver targeted instruction.

Hybrid & Distance Learning Solutions

Enable students to learn anywhere, anytime. Provide ultimate learning flexibility, whether that\’s inside a school or for distance learning.

Credit Recovery

Ideal for students who have had prior exposure to courses but need to demonstrate more mastery of the material to succeed in their academic goals.

Closing Attainment Gaps

Our programs support you with closing attainment gaps and give the right level of personalized learning for each student.

Support Teacher Shortages

Our programs can support you with teacher shortages or offering more courses at your school to support your students’ needs and potential.

Positive impact on attainment and progress in schools worldwide

“We needed something to reflect on data and make the classrooms active, and the answer for us was Exact Path.

“Exact Path allows us to give the students time to catch up to their grade level and what’s going on in their classrooms at the same time. It gives the teachers data that supports them with differentiation and helps them be able to translate the grade-level curriculum into lessons every day. That was the advantage for us of Exact Path.”

Lee Dabagia, Principal, Summit International School, UAE

Summit International School Webinar

“[In the UAE], it was decided on a Thursday to begin distance learning the next week, and because we had Exact Path, that really helped support our curriculum. It was a gift.”
Lee Dabagia, Principal, Summit International School, UAE

Deliver highly targeted, personalized K-12 education with Exact Path

Exact Path combines the power of diagnostic assessments with automated, individualized learning pathways full of online instructional content for K-12.

Our advanced system allows educators to quickly pinpoint students’ learning gaps and academic needs and provide a highly targeted education to achieve student growth and attainment.

✔ Grades K-12
✔ US and international curricula
✔ Adaptive diagnostic assessments
✔ Personalized student learning pathways with online tutorials, Mastery Quizzes, and more
✔ Suitable for classroom and distance learning
✔ NWEA® MAP® integration

Make customization and credit recovery simple with Courseware

Support all learners with curriculum aligned to a wide range of state standards and teachers with customizable courses in Courseware.

Whether students are at grade level, falling behind, or advanced, our courses are customizable to any environment.

Courses are built on the latest learning science, include all of the course teaching and learning content, videos, tutorials, assessments, and have integrated workbooks for the students and mark books for the teachers. There is a broad range of courses available that include AP, electives, and career and college readiness. All of the content is digitized and created ready for distance, hybrid, and blended learning.

✔ Grades 6-12
✔ Supports US curricula
✔ Credit recovery options
✔ 400+ courses
✔ Certified teachers
✔ College and career readiness
✔ Unmatched visibility into pacing and progress

Provide elite distance learning and expand your school with Academy

Academy is our Cognia accredited online school. We can partner with your school and provide additional teachers who will use our curriculum to support your students. It is very flexible,  and we can support one student doing one course or a whole cohort doing a whole diploma.

Our virtual school offers over 600 courses and rigorous reporting. Academy delivers an award-winning curriculum through our team of experienced, accredited online teachers, which is ideal for supporting with any teacher shortages.

✔ Grades K-12
✔ Supports US curricula
✔ Award-winning K-12 curriculum
✔ US high schools diplomas and Dual Diplomas
✔ Virtual and in-class learning
✔ US state-certified teachers
✔ Cognia™ accredited

Standards-based formative assessment and practice with Study Island

Study Island provides you with the tools and data to assess and monitor state standards mastery everywhere learning occurs and view exactly where students’ learning gaps lie.

Students can practice new concepts and go back to concepts they’ve learned in the past to build mastery over time and prepare for assessments.

✔ Grades K-12
✔ Supports US and international curricula
✔ Customizable assessments
✔ Valuable insights
✔ View progress towards state standards mastery
✔ Support students’ retention
✔ Engaging practice and continuity of learning

Assessments and online teaching and learning resources in the core subjects to support attainment with EducationCity

EducationCity aids learning in the core subjects with online resources, supports teaching with effective tools, and has summative, formative, and unit assessments to support your assessment needs.

With intuitive data insights and personalized learning options to support attainment, EducationCity allows you to target students’ learning at the right level, as well as monitor attainment and address learning gaps.

✔ Grades K-6
✔ Supports US, UK, and international curricula
✔ Assessments and learning resources in the core subjects
✔ Summative, formative, and unit assessments
✔ Intuitive data insights
✔ Grouping tools to support teaching needs
✔ Close mastery gaps

Trusted by Millions of Educators Worldwide

Top World Leaders

We\’ve been privileged to educate many top world leaders.

Cognia™ Accredited Courses

Cognia™ accredited courses and diplomas recognized for US entry.

Harvard University

Harvard University welcomed its first Academy student in 2019.

Our Implementation Team works in partnership with schools every step of the way

We understand the challenges that can be faced when implementing new technologies. That’s why our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We truly view you as a partner. All of our products include complimentary integration, product training, and ongoing support. Our top priority is to ensure you have an easy and successful Edmentum journey!

Bespoke Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager aligned to your custom school requirements.

Product Training & Support

Full product support and training sessions at a time that suits you.

Ongoing Program Updates

You will receive regular content and product feature updates.

Progress Reviews & Adjustments

Regular check-ins to ensure your goals are met and you are maximizing your investment.

“This is the first time that I feel like we have truly partnered and not just bought a product.”
Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent, Colbert County Schools, AL

Our Learning Programs

Edmentum’s goal is to make personalized learning an achievable reality in every classroom around the world. Our programs aim to ensure your students and educators are supported anywhere, anytime.


EducationCity offers adaptable learning, assessments, and teacher tools, including lesson planning and data reports. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

Exact Path

Truly personalized learning for every student, Exact Path provides adaptable pathways unique to student needs and rigorous reporting for educators. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

Study Island

Practice and preparation for high-stakes assessment, Study Island prepares students for success and offers fully adaptable assessments across core subjects. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.


Course expansion for schools, offering over 400 courses. The product enables a distance learning model for schools wherever necessary.


Virtual School offering over 600 courses for K-12 students, with full progress reporting. The solution can be delivered as a distance learning model or in a brick and mortar setting.