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Helping You Build Schools of the Future With High-Quality, Flexible Curriculum

We can work together to support building the schools of the future. We provide schools with high-quality, flexible, standards-aligned teachers, CPD, curriculum, and supplementary tools to support their needs.

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Positive impact on attainment and progress in schools worldwide

“If we did not have this program, I do not know what we would have done. There was no way we could continue education the way we were doing it. One of my thoughts at the time was, ‘what if we just close for a year and we’ll reopen back in a year from now?’ That was something we had proposed to the board; I didn’t know what to do.

“So, this really did save us, and it’s moved us so far ahead of all of the schools in town. Our parents say that if we were back in the USA, our kids would be online, but they would not be getting this. They cannot believe they’re in this small country and they’re getting a better experience than if they were in their school back in the US.”

Ms. MaryAnn Przekurat, Director, American School of Nouakchott, Mauritania

High-Quality, Flexible Learning Options

We can add breadth to your school’s brick and mortar offering by offering a complete, integrated learning, assessment, and teaching experience for kindergarten to grade 12 learners.

Certified Professional Development

Working with you for development opportunities, we can develop a group- or school-wide professional development program to support all your educators.

Cost-Effective Course Expansion

Our internationally-recognized programs can support you with a competitive advantage for your schools. With affordability and better outcomes, and 600+ courses to choose from, we can support teacher shortages and give you support.

Standards-Aligned Teachers

We can help measure your students’ progress and provide highly qualified tutors to advance their knowledge and understanding or provide you with additional courses in even the most specialized subjects to offer to your learners.

Customizable Curriculum

Whether you follow the British or the International Baccalaureate curriculum, we can work with you to provide our internationally-recognized resources to all schools and show you how you can customize them to suit your classroom’s needs.

Supplementary Tools

To help with the best outcomes for your students and teachers, we are proud to offer you resources to supplement your curriculum and advance your students’ knowledge.

Students Who Receive SEL Instruction Perform Better Academically Than Their Peers

We believe in the promise and potential of supporting the whole learner, which is why we offer BASE Education. BASE Education, which has been approved by CASEL, offers a social-emotional learning curriculum and assessment rooted in mental health and wellness principles and underscored by clinical research.

BASE Education is a powerful tool that enables students to regulate their emotions and behaviors, develop relationship skills and social awareness, and practice critical decision-making to plan for their futures.

✔ Over 100 SEL courses to serve educators and students
✔ Recognized by CASEL for being well-designed and evidence-based
✔ Support a range of SEL implementations with self-directed curriculum, teacher-guided direct instruction, and family learning access
✔ Courses tackle tough topics including Coping Strategies, Digital Citizenship, Bullying, and Equity

American School of
Nouakchott’s Case Study

The teachers were understandably very nervous about this program. Up until a few months before the pandemic, we were not a technology savvy school. One of the things that Edmentum was able to do for us was to train our teachers. That was a huge benefit from the program. Our teachers spent three weeks with two Edmentum instructors who taught them everything, from the basics of Zoom to then going through the actual curriculum and how to use all the features and adjustments. The teachers\’ confidence really built over that time, and so by the time we were ready to open school, the teachers felt they knew what they were doing. They have made huge progress because they had to, and they stepped up to do that.

Ms. MaryAnn Przekurat, Director, American School of Nouakchott, Mauritania

Supporting you in adapting the classroom of tomorrow

Education is changing fast; there are new demands on teachers and students that have been caused by the unprecedented change of 2020’s pandemic. We know that to maintain pace with this change and support a continuation of learning, you need a partner you can trust.

We can help you with programs and solutions that are cost-effective, accessible, and flexible, and ones to directly support your students’ successful outcomes.

✔ Support with creating a competitive advantage for your school
✔ Cost-effective solutions to support budgets
✔ 600+ courses to offer with highly qualified tutors
✔ Works alongside many curriculums
✔ Partnership to support your education vision

Together, partner with us to support your vision

We understand you have effective senior leaders to run your school. However, by working with us, what if we could help your schools even more and support your education vision together?

With tailored packages and cost-effective pricing, we can help you deliver your strategy with tailored and bespoke pricing and packages.

✔ Encourage learning in more accessible ways
✔ Support with successful learning outcomes
✔ Partner with us for commitment to your educational vision
✔ Tailor-made packages to support your school
✔ Internationally recognized programs to support your goals

Supporting you with course expansion and teacher shortages

With Academy and Courseware, our highly qualified tutors are on hand for your students to utilize their knowledge and learn from them.

Our tutors are available 24/7 to support your learners and can be used for individual courses or “full-time enrolment,” depending on the needs of your students.

✔ Fully accredited online teaching experts and rigorous curriculum content
✔ 600+ courses with specialized teachers
✔ Tutors and your teachers have detailed data views to support progress monitoring
✔ Teachers and programs can coexist with your current brick and mortar setting
✔ Addresses teacher shortages on a flexible, cost-effective basis

Working together to recognize your CPD needs

Our professional development options can support your educators, whether they are based worldwide in a school group or for the different roles within your school.

We can work with you to design a professional development program to support your school’s or group of school’s needs and work together to enhance education.

✔ Professional development for your teachers and staff to deliver online resources
✔ A ‘mentor teacher’ will be assigned to your teachers
✔ Teachers will receive a certificate of completion
✔ Your teachers will complete a professional development plan
✔ Ability to access online curriculum so you can deliver learning to your students through a blended or virtual environment

Supplementary tools to help with your teaching and learning

At Edmentum, we provide schools worldwide with supplementary tools for K-12 students and can support the curriculum you follow, such as the International Baccalaureate and the British curriculum.

Our AI adaptive learning system, Exact Path, can support your personalized and independent learning needs; Study Island can help your school prepare for rigorous high-stakes assessment preparation; lastly, EducationCity can support you with having core subject resources, assessments and progression tools.

✔ Programs to support students from kindergarten to grade 12
✔ Support with reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies
✔ Opportunities to buy a number of resources to support teaching and learning
✔ Data reporting to help with inspections and attainment
✔ Internationally recognized and trusted programs

Trusted by Millions of Educators Worldwide

Top World Leaders

We’ve been privileged to educate many top world leaders.

Cognia™ Accredited Courses

Cognia™ accredited courses and diplomas recognized for US entry.

Harvard University

Harvard University welcomed its first Academy student in 2019.

Our Implementation Team works in partnership with schools every step of the way

We understand the challenges that can be faced when implementing new technologies. That’s why our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We truly view you as a partner. All of our products include complimentary integration, product training, and ongoing support. Our top priority is to ensure you have an easy and successful Edmentum journey!

Bespoke Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager aligned to your custom school requirements.

Full Product Training & Support

Full product support and training sessions at a time that suits you.

Ongoing Program Updates

You will receive regular content and product feature updates.

Program Progress Reviews

We will set up regular check-ins to ensure your goals are met and you are maximizing your investment.

EducationCity icon EducationCity

EducationCity offers adaptable learning, assessments, and teacher tools, including lesson planning and data reports. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Exact Path

Truly personalized learning for every student, Exact Path provides adaptable pathways unique to student needs and rigorous reporting for educators. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Study Island

Practice and preparation for high-stakes assessment, Study Island prepares students for success and offers fully adaptable assessments across core subjects. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

EducationCity icon Courseware

Course expansion for schools, offering over 400 courses. The product enables a distance learning model for schools wherever necessary.

path iconAcademy

Virtual School offering over 600 courses for K-12 students, with full progress reporting. The solution can be delivered as a distance learning model or in a brick and mortar setting.