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Using EducationCity to Support Braeburn Imani International School

Braeburn Imani International School in Kenya has subscribed to EducationCity since 2017. Recently, the school faced a challenge in light of COVID-19 and the school closures taking place all over the world. They needed a resource to enable the continuation of quality education mapped to their curriculum for all students.

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Edmentum International’s EducationCity fully supported the school during the lockdown by solving their challenge of enabling quick availability of practice and instruction exercises for all students in a multitude of subjects.

Deputy Head, Rita Anyienda, has said that EducationCity has also helped them keep track of their children’s progress, despite the gap caused by distance learning, “the tracker is useful for some areas of study, especially when there is a follow-up exercise on the same objectives, and also, using the exercises to check or match teachers’ assessments from other tasks.”

Rita has also commented about the support she has received from Edmentum International since the lockdown, which has helped the school place EducationCity in a distance learning format, “meeting you and knowing that you are available for support any time is encouraging.”

Braeburn Imani International School has used the resource over 18,000 times since March 2020, and they went on to say that because of the usage during lockdown, their usage of EducationCity will continue into their future to support their distance learning needs: “It is available everywhere and children enjoy the ‘game’ or ‘competitive’ aspect of the activities so they are motivated to work. I have explored various features which I have found useful and will definitely continue using them.”

Edmentum International will work with Braeburn Imani International School into the future to ensure it is supporting them with their school’s goals and needs.