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Providing a Cost-Effective Learning Platform that Covers the Core Subjects at Taylor’s International School, Kuala Lumpur

Taylor's International School

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Taylor’s International School accommodates students from Early Years to Year 11. The Primary School caters to around 650 students and 100 teaching staff. The student cohort consists of 55% Malaysian learners, 18% Indian, 6% Chinese, and 2% English, while the remaining students are from 20 other nations around the world. 

Originally operating as a Malaysian curriculum school, in 2012, Taylor’s International School began adhering to the national curriculum in England for English and Maths. In 2014, the school became a fully international school and also introduced the International Primary Curriculum, and in 2017, the International Early Years Curriculum was introduced into teaching and learning practice.

The Challenge

In 2013, Taylor’s International School began searching for a learning program to support its teaching and learning in several ways. Victor Ferreira, Assistant Head of Primary – Early Years and Key Stage 1 Leader at the school, says that the school was looking for a learning program such as EducationCity that was “easy to use for our teachers and students, interactive, provided the core subjects, and presented value for money.”

The Solution

The school chose to implement EducationCity to meet all these areas in 2013. Nine years on from this implementation, the school and Edmentum have continued working together to use EducationCity to support the school’s teaching and learning goals.

The teaching staff at the school use EducationCity to support themselves in various ways. Mr. Ferreira gathered feedback from other teachers at the school. They commented on how they have been using the assessments on EducationCity and how the learning program allows them to easily track their students’ progress.

Teaching staff also set students’ classwork or homework from EducationCity, which is directly related to a topic, to build on their knowledge of certain subject areas to complete online. 

Lastly, the teachers have also said that the learning platform is highly accessible for the students. The games and activities are tailored to the students’ levels and needs, and the students thoroughly enjoy the resources, so they are more likely to learn and attain knowledge.


The school has seen success from using EducationCity since 2013 and has commented that EducationCity has fitted into their teaching and learning well as it is so easy to use. Mr. Ferreira says that:

“The teachers find EducationCity very easy to use, and they can pick and choose what they want to teach. It is used in class and for homework and follow-up work for the students and allows the teachers to see which students have understood the concept(s) being taught. It is easy to track which students have completed the activity and how successful the student was.”

Furthermore, the Edmentum team has supported the school since it implemented EducationCity, which has been a huge positive for the staff. They feel confident in using the learning program because of this partnership. Mr. Ferreira would recommend Edmentum to other schools and also says that:

“The support staff are very friendly and always available to talk to, no matter the time difference! We regularly receive emails and phone calls to check how things are going and if we need any other support.

“In fact, the tailored support is excellent. I surveyed my teachers to see which areas they needed support with in relation to EducationCity. The support team then provided Zoom sessions for the different groups of teachers related to the areas that they had highlighted.”

The Future

Edmentum and Taylor’s International School will continue to work together to ensure that the school’s goals are successfully met using EducationCity. Edmentum is also committed to providing the excellent customer care Mr. Ferreira has commented on so that the staff at the school continue to feel highly supported.