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Annie’s School
and Calvert Learning

Implementing American Curriculum in Taiwan to Encourage
Critical Thinking and Project-Based Learning

Annie’s School and Calvert Learning

Annie’s School is one of the leading English schools in Taiwan and home to over 500 full-time faculty members and more than 3,000 enrolled students. Their schools offer the leading American-based curriculum and use the Common Core State Standards to deliver teaching and learning.  

Having been founded in 1987 with one campus and since expanding to 13 branches, newborns join the school through its post-natal program. Students can then continue their learning through pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. 

Annie’s School uses Calvert Learning for their K-5 students. Utilizing the research-based PLUS framework, Calvert Learning actively engages students in project-based learning, allowing them to demonstrate mastery and apply what they have learned to real-world situations.

“Calvert Learning offers a lot of opportunities to turn theoretical into practical, allowing students and teachers to better understand the concepts. Students show a lot of excitement whenever they get the chance to participate in experiments or create physical projects that can be taken home.”
Mr. Tiaan Oberholzer, Teacher

Engaging students globally for over a century 

The Calvert learning curriculum was developed over 100 years ago and is used by students and schools across 90 countries worldwide. Through this extensive knowledge and experience, the Calvert program is expertly aligned to international schools and families’ unique needs, providing a high-quality level of education surrounding the US curriculum. 

“The online Calvert provides so many interactive activities that it keeps the students fully engaged. With the help of technology, students are able to learn a lot more and have fun at the same time.”
Mr. Edwin Fung, Teacher

Calvert courses contain various active learning activities that encourage students to think independently and that formatively assess understanding. Automatic grading and feedback enable teachers to have more time to focus on the students and their unique needs. 

Truly active and personalized learning experience 

At Annie’s School, ESL courses help the students to develop their fundamental abilities to read, write and speak English, encouraging their engagement in the studies of the Calvert courses. In the Calvert program, the students in Taiwan learn various core curriculum subjects in English, mirroring American students.

Each teacher has their own set of detailed lesson manuals that offer direction to ensure that every student feels fully supported. At Annie’s School, every student on the Calvert program has access to online lessons and activities, enabling them to learn anytime, anywhere.

“What Calvert does for students is beyond amazing. Guiding students as they take increasing responsibility for their own learning, as they work hard to reach their potential gives joy and fulfillment to Calvert teachers.”
Ms. Adrian Chandler, Teacher

Teach and encourage students flexibly 

Calvert Learning curriculum offers built-in support for students learning outside of the traditional classroom so that a comprehensive digital learning experience can be accessed via a virtual or blended model. Students also have the opportunity to learn and practice offline. Actionable data enables educators to gauge understanding and monitor student progress. With several reports readily available, teachers can provide students with meaningful feedback.

Learning for the future 

Approaching problem solving and creative thinking by learning through a project-based method encourages students to think flexibly and navigate today’s evolving world.

Through this style of teaching, students can absorb valuable life skills and apply them confidently. 

Working in partnership

Edmentum and Annie’s School have been in partnership together for 10 years. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration to ensure that the staff and students feel fully supported and the school’s goals are achieved using Calvert Learning.

“Unlike other curriculums in Taiwan, Calvert places its students on par with their peers in the United States. The materials we use in Calvert are authentically American.”

Annie’s School, Taiwan

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