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Support your students in achieving grade-level standards proficiency with engaging test preparation and practice tools for your whole class.

Ages 5-18

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Test Practice

See How Study Island Can Help Your School

With over 600,000 unique items, including more than 10,000 technology-enhanced items, Study Island supports formative assessment strategies and allows teachers to assess standards mastery.

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Flexible Learning Options

Support your formative and summative assessment strategies with flexible teaching tools to support independent and group learning. The power is in your hands with our customizable test builder.

Track Students’ Outcomes

Quickly track progress towards mastery and proficiency, and monitor student progress in real time to inform your instructional decisions.

Support High-Stakes Assessment Preparation

Technology-enhanced items, built using Webb’s depth of knowledge (DOK) guidelines, help prepare your students for more rigorous and interactive web-based exams so they are prepared for future tests.

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Supporting Teachers

Standards-Aligned Testing

Ensure your instruction is focused for your students’ learning with regularly updated standards-aligned content to meet your curriculum needs.

Sync with NWEA Map

Sync Study Island with NWEA scores to provide a personalized learning journey for students to focus on areas needing improvement.

Flexible Reporting Options

Customizable reports at school, grade, and student level allow you to analyze students’ performance and address any weaknesses.

Supporting Students

Encourage Mastery

Technology-enhanced items help students with tools, immediate feedback, and automatic remediation for proficiency.

Personalized Practice

A personalized homepage showing suggestions for reinforcement helps students manage progress and see where they must master concepts.

Game-Based Practice

Students practice with game-based activities, which encourage them to learn in an engaging environment whilst mastering standards.

What the Research Says…

Study Island in Elementary Schools

“Edmentum’s research study found consistent, positive effect sizes for the Study Island intervention across all grades 3-6.”

Developing Student Literacy Skills

“Taken together, teachers can use Study Island to incorporate research-based strategies for developing student literacy.”

Next-Generation Assessment

“Study Island has a unique capacity to incorporate such motivational strategies concurrently within their instructional environments.”

Accreditations and Awards

“Study Island is the only differentiation tool you will need. Being standards and research-based, you won’t find a better all-in-one site for the classroom.”

Teachers’ Choice Award (TCA) Reviewer


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