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Exact Path utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessment data to form a competency-based progression of skills for students, and adaptive tools that offer targeted instruction paced to your students’ needs.

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Adaptive Personalized Learning

Meet the needs of all of your students in one classroom with Exact Path. An adaptive learning solution that can help you deliver the right lesson at the right level at exactly the right time. With Exact Path, you can add individualized instruction into your station-rotation model or computer lab time utilizing Exact Path’s adaptive learning paths to deliver the right level of content for each one of your students.

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessments

Incorporating dynamic diagnostic assessments, Exact Path generates meaningful data to help you understand where your students are academically and automatically prescribes individual learning pathways to support growth and addresses areas of improvement. Powerful reporting features allow you to compare performance with class, group or US national norms, and demonstrate student growth over time.

Proud Partners with NWEA and Renaissance Star Assessments

Edmentum International are proud to partner with NWEA MAP Growth Assessments and Renaissance Star Assessments.

Already using NWEA or Renaissance Star?

Through our partnerships, you can use your NWEA or Renaissance Star assessment results to generate personalized learning paths that can help deliver targeted, data-driven instruction to students.

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Supporting Teachers

From tutorial through to test, student progress is monitored in real time, so that you can address any gaps in students’ learning at the earliest opportunity.

Time-Saving Tools

Personalizing your instruction is made easy with grouping tools to help you make informed instructional decisions.

Clear Data Visualization

Identify skills gaps at a glance and see how your students are progressing in real time with our color-coded Knowledge Map.

Powerful Reporting

Drill into data at group, school, class or individual student level to make comparisons and identify growth.

Supporting Students

Students don’t all learn in the same way, so Exact Path puts the student at the center of their learning to deliver the right lesson at the right level at just the right time.

Direct Instruction

Engage your students with animated, interactive tutorials to introduce new skills and topics.

Proven Learning Pathway

Our learning sequence has been designed to maximize student mastery and growth by presenting skills in a proven, effective order.

Progress Checks

Progress Checks are administered after every batch of up to four skills; the scores inform and adapt a student’s learning path.

Personalized Learning for English Language Learners

Exact Path supports the diverse needs of your English Language Learners by adopting a flexible approach to learning. Students can easily navigate through Exact Path independently to engage in scaffolded instruction, then practice within their learning paths.

Instructional Video Content from BBC Worldwide

To help students’ instruction and provide them with sound, engaging material to support their learning, Exact Path includes video content from BBC Worldwide. This video content is designed to help students understand and apply concepts in a real-world context.

What the Research Says...

Exact Path and the Lexile Framework Linking Study

"The real power of the Lexile Framework is in examining the growth of readers — wherever the reader may be in the development of his or her reading skills."


Research Base for Math

"We joined our mathematics learning path with our Edmentum assessment assets to form a comprehensive solution where scores can be closely linked to learning objectives."


Research Base for Reading and Language Arts

"Exact Path specifically provides lessons, quizzes, and progress checks in each grade on three recurring speaking and listening skills—active listening, discussion skills, and giving presentations."


Accreditations and Awards

“When you [have] faculty members saying, ‘This is the best program ever-we want this,’ those are the types of things as a superintendent you feel, okay, this time, I hit the nail on the head.”

Dr. Gale D Satchel, Superintendent

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