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With the current challenges that COVID-19 has presented for many schools around the globe, distance learning has never been more important in ensuring education continuity.


We can help.


Below, we have selected two of our educational solutions to really support a well rounded distance learning support for schools during this period.


Exact Path, our AI personalized learning platform which generates automated learning pathways providing a targeted and personalized learning approach for each and every student. Exact Path covers Math and English Language Arts subjects. NWEA data can be uploaded automatically and progress can begin ri


Currently, we are offering specialized options for this platform including online teachers in each subject as well as 24/7 tutor support. Please contact us for more information.

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Exact Path offers adaptive instruction by using diagnostic assessment data and personalized instruction to tell you whether your students are keeping on pace of their grade level. This ideal for promoting growth and supporting every learner’s academic goals.

Designed for Every Student’s Unique Needs

Our virtual learning tool is ideal for meeting all your students’ needs. Adaptive learning paths deliver the right resources for every student.

Individualized Learning Paths for Outcomes

Automatically prescribes individual learning pathways to support your students’ outcomes, with powerful reporting features to help you.

Targeted Instruction Paced for Students’ Needs

Adaptive diagnostic assessment data is utilizied to form a competency-based progression of skills for students.

“As a teacher, I rely on Exact Path to consistently deliver valuable information to me and the additional help to my students that will help them improve. Exact Path is an essential component of our school."

Peter Meltzer, Director & Founder, Surat Thani International School, Thailand

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Award-winning content for K-12, let Academy allow your students to explore a world of opportunity with our fully accredited online Virtual School, with certified online teachers to help them.

Course Options to Suit Students

Academy takes students on their entire learning journey with Calvert at K-8, Academy from 8-12 and Career Academy for Adult.

Experienced Teachers to Support Outcomes

All 600+ courses are supported by certified teachers who give specialized online instruction to support each student’s outcomes.

Certified US High School Diploma

The only Virtual School to allow students to receive a US High School Diploma and approved by the State Department for International student visa applications.

“We needed a program that would provide our students with qualified teachers, strong and rigorous content, and a diploma accredited by a recognized agency. Academy has allowed us to offer a range of courses that we couldn't."

Miss Angela Arigoni-Mesfioui, Principal, London Academy Casablanca, Morocco

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