Personalize learning for every student by linking assessment data with engaging curriculum content to support your students’ growth.

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EducationCity helps teachers deliver targeted instruction to individual students, groups or whole classes by providing high-quality, evidence-based assessments in the core subjects as well as over 8,000 cross-curricular resources to support teaching and learning.

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Save Over Two Hours a Week

Our bank of 90+ curriculum-aligned formative, summative and unit assessments, which can be set in just a few clicks, are automatically marked and analyzed, providing you with instant data and saving you over two hours per week*.

*Based on a Year 4 teacher’s calculations of marking, preparation, and analysis of assessments as well as planning follow-up teaching and learning activities for a class of 30.

Personalized Learning Pathways

We know that individualized instruction benefits your students, but where do you find the time to plan and deliver it? Many of our assessments generate personalized Revision Journals*, giving students targeted resources to fill knowledge gaps identified by their assessment.

*Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Science summative assessments do not generate personalized Revision Journals.

Instant Data Analysis

We know you know your students best, and with our intuitive data view, you can see progress and performance easily and see where you need to fill gaps with over 8,000 curriculum-aligned resources in the core subjects.

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Supporting Teachers With…

Planning & Marking

Automatically marked activities and assessments provide insight into individual student and class performance to guide your planning.

Differentiating Instruction

Assessments create individualized learning pathways to fill knowledge gaps, or you can easily create your own by compiling resources for individual students or groups.

Reporting on Progress

Track progress and share information with other staff or parents with easy-to-use reports for both groups and individual students.

Supporting Students With…

Independent Learning

Tracking and feedback tools allow students to view their own progress and practice skills to support student agency and mastery.

Confidence Building

We understand students learn differently, so flexible practice options are available to support different learning styles and help build confidence.

Home Learning

24/7 access bridges the gap between school and home to boost parental engagement and support attainment and mastery through practice.

What Our Subscribers Say…

Improving Students’ Progress with EducationCity

See how St Saviour’s RC Primary School, UK, uses EducationCity to improve students’ scores and proficiency in the subjects it teaches.

Using EducationCity for Assessment & Differentiation

See how Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, Mongolia, uses EducationCity’s automatic marking functionality to support assessment and differentiated lesson planning.

Using EducationCity as an Effective Learning Resource

See how EducationCity is an effective online learning resource for teaching and learning for Varee Chiangmai School which is based in Thailand.

Accreditations and Awards


"EducationCity has become our number one online resource. Our school will continue using EducationCity to teach the concepts within the curriculum requirements into the future.”

Wikus Botha, Headteacher, Trident Preparatory School, Kalumbila, Zambia


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