Give your students more choice in what they study with highly customizable and individualized learning courses to align with your curriculum needs.

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Flexible Courses

See How Courseware Can Help Your School

Courseware gives educators the flexibility to meet the needs and pace of individual learners, can be used for credit recovery, and prepares learners for college or their career.

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Expand Your Students’ Options

Offer more choice in your curriculum with engaging content, ensure your students are college-ready, or even support those students that are falling behind. Whatever your school’s challenges or objectives, Edmentum Courseware can help prepare your students for success with its individualized learning options, offering over 400 rigorous, research-driven courses online.

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Flexible for Your Needs

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, our courses are perfect for international schools following a US curriculum. Plus, flexible customization options mean you can also adapt our courses to suit the needs of your own curriculum, school or individual learners.

Varied Courses to Appeal to Parents and Students

Covering core subjects, CTE, electives, world languages, and Advanced Placement courses, our highly interactive, video-rich courses engage learners and give you the opportunity to offer subjects that enhance and complement your curriculum.


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Supporting Teachers

Customize Your Courses

You have control over how your courses are delivered. You can easily customize the content to address specific curriculum needs.

Easily Monitor Progress

Data-rich teacher analytics help you to measure growth and identify learning patterns for each one of your students.

Flexible Grading

Easily amend each students’ results or grades to reflect where you think they are in their academic journey to support them.

Supporting Students

More Options

You can empower your students with a choice of engaging courses that can support their academic and career goals.

Targeted Learning Experience

By focusing on instruction that fills students’ knowledge gaps, they can address issues that have prevented them from moving forward.

Meet Each Student’s Needs

Integrated assessments allow learners to move past content they have mastered and focus on the concepts needing attention.

What the Research Says…


The Next Generation of Digital Curriculum

“Plato Courseware is built to meet the most rigorous and comprehensive standards in online course content.”

Rigorous Courses & Expectations Lead to Success 

“Once teachers became familiar with the online courses, they really came to understand the rigor and complexity.”

Courseware Helps Students Stay on Pace for Graduation

“Edmentum’s Courseware is a powerful program to meet the various academic needs of all students.”

Accreditations and Awards

“Courseware’s ability to differentiate instruction for every student has made a real and measurable difference for us.”

Scott Douglas, Retired Principal


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