Open up a world of opportunity for students with our fully accredited online personalized learning options, offering over 400 flexible courses supported by accredited teachers.

Ages 3-18

US Curricula

International Curricula

Virtual Learning

Flexible Personalized Learning Course Options

With over 400 rigorous, research-driven courses, students have the choice of courses to help them meet their academic and career goals.


Accredited Teacher Support

All of our courses are supported by accredited teachers who provide specialized online instruction to help each individual student succeed.

Unique Learning Environment

As courses are virtual, students can work in the learning environment that suits their individual situation best, whether that’s in school, at home or whilst traveling.

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How Academy Supports Schools

Attract & Retain Students

Attract and retain more students with additional courses and flexible learning options to suit individual learners.

Progress Visibility

Easy-to-use reports give visibility of student performance and attendance to ensure everything is on track.

Easily Expand Curriculum

Expand your course options without the need to hire additional staff or develop any new curriculum material.

How Academy Supports Students

Focused Study

Exemptive assessments allow learners to move past content they have already mastered and focus on the next steps.


Teacher Support

Students are supported throughout their educational journey with certified teachers who specialize in delivering online instruction.

College Readiness

Courses approved by the College Board give students the best chance of being able to access top US colleges.

What the Research Says…

Edmentum Solutions in the Context of School Improvement

“Schools that have implemented Edmentum online solutions have seen rapid and dramatic increase in student learning and achievement.”

Meeting Individual Students’ Needs Through Digital Learning

“Edmentum’s products support teachers in being systematic, responsive, and accommodating to the needs of a diverse environment.”

Career & Technical Education: Addressing the Growing Need

“Online learning was a fantastic way to expand. Students could access Edmentum CTE courses, having new avenues to support their journey.”

Accreditations and Awards

“Academy provided an impressive array of high-interest, high-quality courses taught by outstanding teachers, allowing us to provide options for students that there is no way we could have offered on our own.”

Tammy Van Wyhe, Director of Teaching & Learning Support


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