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Award-Winning Education Technology for Europe

We partner with educators, schools and associations across Europe to help deliver world-class education.

Our priority at Edmentum is designing K-12 digital learning solutions that help educators deliver world-class education and enable students to learn, wherever teaching is taking place. We are perfectly placed to support national and international schools as they embark on their journey towards inclusive and personalized learning.


of teachers report increased academic growth through the use of our program*


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of teachers say a key benefit of using Edmentum is the ability to track & support student growth*

Edmentum and The Education Journey

Discover how Edmentum’s products support the whole learner.

Accreditations, Awards and Associations We Partner With

Empowering Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Digital Curriculum



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Supporting Schools Across Europe

As a trusted provider of educational technology across Europe, we truly understand specific regional requirements.

We also work closely with schools to support English language learners and the social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff.

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Teaching and Learning

Our award-winning solutions driven by adaptive technology and underpinned by learning science ensure educators’ requirements are met easily.

Student growth is supported by diagnostic assessments, intuitive and personalized learning pathways, rigorous assessment preparation, subject-specific curriculum support, and data management. We support schools to build a truly personalized provision around each learner that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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Edmentum’s K-12 standards-aligned digital curriculum supports schools to deliver learning across different teaching models. We offer fully customizable built-in assessments, enabling teachers to add their own content or combine material from other courses or grade levels.

Our course offering includes core subjects, courses for use with Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams, career and technical education (CTE), electives, World Languages, and ELL Foundations courses to help ELLs build English-language proficiency.

Learn more: EducationCity | Courseware | Academy


Our targeted assessment tools will support your teachers with rigorous assessment options. We offer pre-built benchmarking, diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments that can be utilised at any time of the year. The testing options within our products can help you pinpoint exactly where students are at in their learning, so you can provide the right support and the right time.

Learn more: Exact Path | Study Island | EducationCity

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Virtual Schooling

We support schools to future-proof education delivery and prepare for any eventuality. All products across our portfolio fully support distance, hybrid or virtual learning, enabling flexible education continuity at all times. With the support of our products, education can occur anywhere, maintaining student progress and development.

We provide wraparound services to support student centered virtual learning, including mentoring, grading, diploma-granting instruction, and more.

Learn more: Academy – Edmentum’s Virtual School

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Social and Emotional Learning

We believe in the promise and potential of supporting the whole learner, which is why we partner with BASE Education.

BASE Education offers CASEL designated, K-12 aligned social-emotional learning curriculum and assessments. They are rooted in mental health and wellness principles and underscored by clinical research.

Learn more: BASE Education

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Core subjects

We offer diagnostic assessments, personalized learning paths, digital curriculum, and more than 600,000 resources and practices across the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

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Our powerful and innovative learning solutions blend technology that is intuitive and easy to use with individual teaching approaches.

This technology generates actionable data that enables educators to inform decision and drive instruction. At Edmentum, we support schools to future-proof education delivery and prepare for any eventuality. With the support of our products, students can learn, maintain progress and development from anywhere.

“Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum, because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.”

Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain

Implementation and Support

Seamlessly Integrate Edmentum’s Products Into Your School

Our highly experienced Implementation Team makes it truly easy to adopt our learning programs. They are there to support you throughout your journey with us to improve the quality of teaching and learning that is taking place.

Download our five-step implementation guide to see how we support schools.

“The interactive activities allowed me to gauge the students’ progress based on the results shown, so I could see what I would need to spend some extra time on.”

Meg Hickman, Vice Principal, International School of Budapest, Hungary

Laude Newton College, Alicante

The Highly Efficient Blended Learning Scheme Created by the School in Support with Education Technology

Laude Newton College in Alicante, Spain, was established in 1991 and has grown to a capacity of 1,300 mainly local students from early years to secondary. The British curriculum is taught at the school.

International School of Budapest

School Closures & Learning Continuation with EducationCity

The International School of Budapest in Hungary has been using EducationCity since 2019. The school has used the product over 52,000 times since March when school closures began.

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Laude Newton College

Implementation of EducationCity at
Laude Newton College

Watch International Project Manager, Gareth Bradwick, and KS2 Coordinator, and Year 6 Teacher of Laude Newton College in Alicante, Victoria Esler, discuss how Victoria’s school implemented EducationCity.

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Creating Personalized Learning Plans

Watch our website about personalized learning and how you can create personalized plans for each student to give them the greatest chance of success.

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Impacts of Study Island on Student Math Achievement – NWEA™ MAP©

Impacts of Exact Path on Student Reading Achievement

Best Practices: Strategies for Preparing Students for Assessments

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“I think I will use [EducationCity] more for homework next year. It is paperless and so good for the environment and also fun for the kids. In class, we enjoyed doing activities together on the smart screen, I will continue that. I will also use it more in English Language Learning (ELL). They have good reading and comprehension activities.”

Year 3 Teacher, International School of Budapest, Hungary

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At Edmentum, we work with schools in over 90 countries across the world. As an international team, we are fully committed to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.

We support and empower schools globally to deliver a truly personalized, culturally sensitive, and world-class education to every student, equalizing the chance of academic success.

“Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum, because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.”
Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain

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