6 Features of EducationCity That Help with Teaching & Learning

There are many brilliant features with each of our solutions, which support with teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. Today we’re going to focus on one solution, EducationCity, and how you can implement the resource into your classroom.

We’re going to let you know how EducationCity can help you, it’s benefits and how you can find all of the handy features. So let’s go!

SuccessTracker lets you monitor students’ progress by automatically recording all Activity and Test scores. You can filter the data you’d like to view and export it for reporting purposes.

Why SuccessTracker?

  • Saves you time as Activity and Test scores are automatically marked and you can see scores instantly after your students have completed content.
  • The data pulled is ideal for helping you see students’ progress and supporting you with identifying who has or hasn’t grasped a concept.
  • You can export data into a spreadsheet, which is great for parents’ evenings or staff meetings.

Admins and Teachers can easily find SuccessTracker on the left-hand side of the homepage or via the drop-down option at the top.

A MyCity is an area perfect for targeted learning where you can quickly group content for whole classes, groups or individual students. You can plan work for in the classroom and at home.

Why MyCity?

  • Saves you time as you can plan work in advance for classes or individual students, meaning it’s ideal for differentiated learning.
  • All progress within a MyCity is recorded within the Tracking tab so you can easily see scores to inform future planning.
  • You can add resources into a MyCity from the Curriculum Map, Search or SuccessTracker, which makes it even easier to plan lessons.

To create a MyCity, all teachers need to do is go to the left-hand side of the page or choose Manage MyCity from the drop-down option at the top.

After taking a Test on EducationCity, if less than 100% is scored, a personalised Revision Journal is generated for students in MyRevision. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are automatically gathered together based on a student’s previous Test scores so they can focus on areas of improvement.

Why MyRevision?

  • Revision Journals are highly personalised and aligned to each individual’s learning to help them progress.
  • Perfect for students to improve their own progress in a targeted way.

MyRevision can be easily located on a student’s account on EducationCity.

The Curriculum Map allows you to easily find content relating to the curriculum objectives you’re teaching to.

Why the Curriculum Map?

  • It’s easy to find the content you want via the filter options, and you can drill down by objective too.
  • Flexible for you, you can compare content by having one strand or objective open at one time for comparison purposes.
  • You can add resources to a MyCity directly from the Curriculum Map so you can make sure you are addressing objectives in lessons.

The Curriculum Map can be found be going either to the left-hand side of the homepage or selecting the drop–down option at the top.

MySuccess is fantastic for letting students view all their Activity and Test scores, whether this is via Pick and Play, Homework or Classwork.

Why MySuccess?

  • Students can take ownership of their own progress by viewing their scores and seeing what they’ve achieved.
  • Resources can be played repeatedly by students to better their scores and master concepts.

To find MySuccess, students just need to visit the homepage and then select MySuccess from the left-hand side or from the drop-down bar at the top.

If you’re curious to try out any of the features listed above, just log in to EducationCity and give them a go.

EducationCity Science Content We Love!

One of our solutions, EducationCity, includes some fantastic interactive, engaging, cross-curricular activities that support learning in the classroom and at home…

We want to focus on Science in this blog and delve a little further into what EducationCity has to offer!

Why Science?

This is a great topic and helps students gain knowledge and understanding of the real world and STEM, whether that be identifying the property of different materials, carrying out experiments or understanding nutrition or a plant/animal life cycle.

Below you’ll find KS2 (or equivalent) UK and US curriculum Science Activities we think you’ll really enjoy! We’ve broken them down via topic too, so hopefully this will make things a little easier for you if you’re searching for something in particular.

To find the content easily, all you need to do is type the content ID number in the Search tool once you’re signed in – easy!





Infestigation: #1662 – Planning a fair test to find out which habitat woodlice prefer.

The Huntress: #562 – Complete the food chain by identifying either the producer, the prey or the predator.


Infestigation: #8630 – Planning a fair test to find out which habitat roly poly bugs prefer.

Forces and Magnets




Box Carts: #556 – To investigate which surface will slow an object down the most.


Zuba’s Day Out: #8643 – Revising weight and mass. Weight is gravity acting on a mass and it is measured in Newtons.





Outer Space: #1116 – Understand the concept of gravity and know that it can be measured.


Space to Observe: #14934 – Explore patterns of objects in the sky and shadows on Earth.

Outer Space: #8202 – Understand the force of gravity and its effects on objects.

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to explore the content mentioned? Simply get in touch with us on +44 (0)1572 492576 or by filling out the ‘Contact Us’ form.