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Boost mastery and achievement

Students who use Study Island are proven to achieve higher math and reading assessment scores. Study Island can help strengthen instruction with in-the-moment formative assessment, monitor progress toward standards mastery, and improve retention through engaging practice..

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path iconGrades K-12

Study Island is ideal for students of many ages and can support them throughout their educational journeys.

path iconUS/International Curricula

Aligned to both curricula, so student growth will be closely linked to educational objectives.

path iconHigh-Stakes Test Prep

Formative assessment & practice product, enabling custom-built tests & student progress data.

path iconCore Subjects

Supporting student mastery of US standards in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Study Island & Your School



To develop increased levels of mastery, students need to practice concepts many times. Study Island enables students to do just that; they can go over concepts or practice new ones to build on their knowledge, so they have the right support to prepare for assessments.

Progress Reporting

Study Island features real-time reports that are customizable to suit your needs, so you get the right insight into your students’ progress. With intuitive analytics and on-screen reporting in real-time, you can see where gaps may lie and provide students with individualized learning paths to support their growth.

Test Preparation

Study Island is specifically designed to support students with practicing, reviewing, and mastering the Curriculum Standards and the subject matter outlined within it. It works with your everyday instruction to help you set your class for test success.

NWEA Integration

Partnering with the Northwest Evaluation Association™, Study Island can link with your grade 2-12 students’ Measure of Academic Progress (MAP©) assessment results. This means you are offered a fully integrated solution, and each student receives a unique learning path to support their individual growth and success.

Custom Tests

The Built Test feature offers educators a powerful tool to help them assess their students in their way. You can create short, formative assessments whenever you need, and even better, for school groups, they can create custom assessments for every student.

Drive Student Achievement Everywhere Learning Occurs

You deliver impactful instruction to your students in a variety of ways— direct instruction in the classroom, live virtual lessons, online tutorials, and even one-on-one and in small groups. With all the forms instruction may take, how do you know which student is understanding the material, and who needs additional support?

With Study Island, you don’t have to wonder. Our standards-based formative assessment and practice program provides you with the tools and data to assess and monitor standards mastery everywhere learning occurs.

Deepen Understanding with Proven Effective Practice

For students to develop a deep level of mastery, they must encounter a concept multiple times and in multiple ways. With Study Island, students can practice new concepts and go back to concepts they’ve learned in the past to build mastery over time and prepare for state assessments.

In a recent third-party study, students who worked consistently in Study Island achieved higher NWEA™ MAP® scores than similar students who didn’t use the program.

Build Custom Assessments

Common formative assessments are a great way to identify learning trends across classrooms and grades, to determine which instructional strategies are the most effective, and to ensure that all students are receiving high-quality instruction. With Study Island, educators or administrators can build and share standards-based common assessments by selecting questions from our item bank and even by adding their own.

Teachers feedback always helps us shape Study Island, as you can see we always listen to you.

“There was a direct correlation to the growth of those schools that used [Study Island] with fidelity and used it often. We’ve found that it is one of the keys to our success.”

Robert Hughes, Superintendent, Walton County, School District, FL

What Customers & Research Say…

Study Island in Elementary Schools

“Edmentum’s research study found
consistent, positive effect sizes for
the Study Island intervention across
all grades 3-6.”

Study Island in the Classroom

K-12 Practice & Classroom Assessment Tools with Study Island

Supporting students during school closures

See how Red Mill Elementary School uses Study Island to see where their students’ strengths are

“Study Island is the only differentiation tool you will need. Being standards and research-based, you won’t find a better all-in-one site for the classroom.”

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