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Boost Standards Mastery and Proficiency

Students who use our standards-based formative assessment and practice program achieve higher math and reading assessment scores.

path iconGrades K-12

path iconMath, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and more

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Standards-based practice and assessment
to drive grade-level proficiency

Standards Mastery

Study Island improves mastery and retention by offering practice items built from globally aligned standards with flexible modes to improve proficiency, especially in high-priority areas.

Formative Assessment

Study Island helps educators make their instruction more effective by offering high-quality, flexible formative assessment tools to quickly measure who is on track and who needs additional support.

Remote Learning

No matter where learning takes place, Study Island ensures that students are meeting grade-level expectations and mastering essential standards.

Combine Study Island with Exact Path to Maximize Growth

Independent practice that builds retention

Deliver independent practice or provide targeted support with flexible tools in Study Island. More than 600,000 standards-based items, including 12 technology-enhanced item types, are available in online practice sessions and printable worksheets. Marzano Research confirmed Study Island’s effectiveness—students who spent at least 30 minutes per week practicing online experienced significantly more growth outcomes than those who did not.

Test Builder delivers assessments with ease

Create and share custom tests to assess your students at the end of a unit or grading period or prepare for assessments. Build your test using Study Island’s standards-based item bank, filter by DOK level, and include your custom items for the ideal assessment. Review performance immediately and track success by topic and standard.

Group Sessions make learning fun

Launch live, collaborative, practice sessions for students—no matter where learning takes place—to build knowledge retention and formatively assess progress to inform ongoing instruction. Checkpoint mode offers a non-competitive, teacher-led quiz, while challenge and race modes offer class competition and award points to students as they answer questions correctly. Consider your next test review or exit ticket ready to go with this fun-filled feature.

“There was a direct correlation to the growth of those schools that used [Study Island] with fidelity and used it often… It is one of the keys to our success.”

Russell Hughes, Superintendent

Actionable Data to Drive Student Achievement

Data Dashboard

Track real-time student progress using our data dashboard, Edmentum Sensei. Quickly see performance on specific topics and standards, drill into individual student results, and even assign additional practice.

Customizable Reports

A wide variety of exportable admin, teacher, and learner reports allows easy tracking of progress, time spent, and standards mastered.

Learn More

Built by educators for educators

Uncover the many features that Study Island offers – each one developed explicitly with you and your students in mind.

Blue Ribbons

Celebrate mastery with built-in Blue Ribbons! Students earn a Blue Ribbon for each mastered Study Island topic, and their success can be tracked from their student dashboard.

Benchmark Assessments

Add full-length, comparable benchmark assessments to your Study Island implementation. Study Island Benchmarks are built from assessment blueprints to prepare students for summative tests.


Integrate your NWEA MAP Growth assessment RIT scores to generate Study Island learning paths that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Learn More

Single Sign-On

Simplify your implementation with streamlined access. Use credentials you already have in place with single sign-on capabilities enabled for Clever, ClassLink, Google, and Microsoft.

EON, Edmentum Online Navigator

This onscreen advisor brings cutting-edge artificial intelligence to Study Island to make onboarding easier with friendly, interactive step-by-step instructions.

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