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Supporting Every Student’s Learning Style

Our integrated digital curriculum and assessment solutions cater to the many teaching and learning needs in and out of the classroom, ensuring every student can experience growth and a truly personalized and tailored learning experience.

Helping You Choose the Right Education Product for Your School


Exact Path

Study Island



Age Group

Perfect for

K - 6

Assessment and progression tools for personalized learning and class instruction.

Monitor and assess students’ understanding to help track learning and inform future lesson planning to help raise attainment across core subjects.

K - 12

AI adaptive learning system, delivering targeted content based on individual students’ knowledge.

Enabling deep and detailed student performance reporting to drive teaching decisions.

Enabling educators to show & compare student growth, as well as providing adaptive diagnostic via NWEA data.

K - 12

Rigorous and high-stakes assessment preparation.

Offering educators the flexibility to provide customized assessments.

Track progress towards mastery and proficiency and monitor student progress in real-time to inform instructional decisions.

6 - 12

Course extension for schools.

The product features over 600 courses including AP & Dual Diploma and is also the perfect solution for first time credits or credit recovery.

Career readiness is also fully supported by the product.

K - 12/Career

Online course expansion for schools with over 600 courses available, and fully qualified online teachers for even the most specialized courses.

AP, Dual Diploma, and Credit Recovery are all available, and all courses enable 24/7 Tutor Support for all students.

The Academy diploma is approved by the US State Department for international student visa applications.

All products fully support

  • Blended Learning
  • Distance learning
  • Deep assessment
  • Individual learning
  • Data management



  • Increased learning growth and comprehension.
  • Ability to learn by exploring topics of interest.
  • Encouragement to be responsible for their own education.
  • Automated & prescribed content based on performance.
  • Assessment preparation.


  • Actionable data management.
  • Data visualization at class, group & individual level.
  • Lesson planning content.
  • Personalized instruction.


  • Fully individualized learning based on students’ strengths and areas in need of improvement.
  • Automatic and adaptive content assigned to students based on desired goals and performance.
  • Increased attainment & comprehension with improved results in less than 8 lessons.


  • Actionable data management.
  • Data visualization at class, group & individual level.
  • Lesson planning content.
  • Personalized instruction.


  • Assessment preparation, even for high-stakes assessments.
  • Mastery of skills.
  • Raised attainment.
  • Academic growth.


  • Utilizing fully customized assessments to suit individualized needs.
  • Assessment flexibility.
  • Data visualization for lesson planning.


  • First time credits.
  • Elective credits for college readiness.
  • Enabling credit recovery.
  • Utilizing a vast array of subjects to fully suit student individualities and interests.


  • Addressing teacher shortages cost-effectively.
  • Driving higher student acquisitions and student retainment.
  • Offering a vast array of subjects, including even the most complex of curriculums.


  • Fully accredited diplomas recognized by even the most elite educational institutions, including Harvard University.
  • 92% pass rate of students, 93% student satisfaction with courses, 96% school leader satisfaction with curriculum quality.
  • Complete learning flexibility, anywhere, anytime.


  • Addressing teacher shortages cost-effectively.
  • Attracting and retaining more students.
  • Offering a vast array of subjects, including even the most complex of curriculums.

Pair Together

EducationCity & Exact Path

To drive unparalleled support for educators and students in increasing attainment and truly supporting personalized learning at a deep level for every student.

EducationCity, Exact Path & Study Island

For unparalleled personalized learning and deep, timely assessments that can be fully personalized to individual needs and goals.

Courseware or Academy

Can be perfectly paired with Study Island, Exact Path, and EducationCity to support an even wider breadth of challenges faced across schools.

Academy can be perfectly paired with Study Island, Exact Path, and EducationCity to support an even wider breadth of challenges faced across schools.

All of our products individually offer deep and unparalleled support for educators and students in driving comprehension and increasing attainment, however, products can also be paired to address an even wider breadth of school challenges and offer unique and tailor-made experiences and support.

Our product pairings are not exclusive to the above suggestions and we can tailor any mix to your unique school needs.

Global Accreditations & Awards

Our product quality and performance is of the utmost importance to us, making sure that educators and students receive the best experience and outcomes possible when using our products, we’re proud to have best-in-class accreditation and recognition from top educational institutions.


Blended Learning

With our products, blending traditional instruction with online technology is made easy. Our curriculum supports what’s being taught in the classroom, and educators can make instructional decisions to manage and adapt their students’ learning. Teachers can easily infuse technology into the learning process and effectively personalize learning experiences for every student.


Promoting mastery of concepts is made simple with Edmentum’s products. With practical personalized learning tools and efficient, individualized educational pathways, our products make sure students are placed at the center of their learning. Our technology ensures they acquire skills before moving on to other tasks, suiting their learning needs perfectly.

Education Continuity

To ensure there are no disruptions to students’ learning, Edmentum’s suite of products can effectively support educators and students globally to learn even when a typical learning environment is unavailable. This means schools are supported when faced with many scenarios while ensuring students can still grow and succeed.

Data Management

We know it is essential to reduce manual effort with marking and ensure the accuracy of data processes. Edmentum’s products provide you with intuitive, effective, and insightful data views to support you with improving your instruction and your students’ learning. You can pinpoint gaps quickly and see where strengths lie. You can also integrate your NWEA™ MAP© results with some of our products that open up personalized learning options.

Individualized Learning

With our suite of products, you can ensure you’re individualizing learning for your kindergarten learners, all the way to your adult learners. Our products help students with beginning instruction at just the right level and pace to suit them, allowing them to control their educational pathways and make decisions based on data for their next steps.

US Common Core State Standards
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Primary Years Programme (PYP)
Cambridge Primary Curriculum
British Curriculum

“The support we have received from Edmentum has been fantastic. Our staff has benefited from highly effective, thorough training. We would certainly recommend Edmentum International to other schools.”

Phil Yates, Assistant Headteacher, Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi