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Intervention Support for K-12 Students

Edmentum’s learning programs provide focused instruction to support educators in identifying students who are behind pace, effectively pinpointing areas of weakness or opportunity, and targeting individual needs to ensure each and every students’ individual growth and achievement.

EducationCity icon Exact Path

With intuitive analysis tools, educators can view actionable data to support them with identifying any additional needs for intervention. Powerful grouping tools can also support you with differentiating students’ learning based on their precise needs.

path iconStudy Island

An effective, evidence-based intervention tool, educators can create customizable, differentiated assessments for intervention groups to work on and see their progress and utilize the program’s ability to automatically provide suggested topics to students to help them build mastery.

path iconCourseware

Courseware provides the foundational content for any secondary intervention program; its flexibility and thousands of hours of online instruction mean individual growth goals can be achieved to optimize success.

Research-based assessments to evaluate intervention needs

High-quality instruction and practice to address learning challenges

Trusted data to inform next steps and measure effectiveness

Support student learning to monitor, and assess progress

Data-driven Educational intervention to pinpoint each unique need

How do you deliver the right level of support for all students? Exact Path’s adaptive diagnostic assessments serve as your intervention screener to pinpoint learning abilities and provide accurate growth measures from one administration to the next. Individualized learning paths automatically deliver content to drive learning for all students at their precise level.

“Exact Path is great for students to work on independently, but it’s also fantastic for them to sit down with a group or tutor and work on a specific skill that they’re stuck on. That is super important.”

Adam Butcher, Director, The Heart of Learning, Mexico

High-quality practice and support

Provide on-grade-level students with meaningful practice to hone their skills and demonstrate standards proficiency. Study Island gives educators the ability to target specific learning standards and provide students with flexible practice and preparation options and automatic remediation to close gaps in learning.

Tiered Educational Intervention Support

Growth data, standards proficiency, and progress monitoring are just a few of the pieces of data required to quantify student success. With Edmentum, intuitive data visualizations and customizable reports bring your intervention strategy to life so that you can take action in real-time.

Track meaningful metrics at all levels

Edmentum Courseware is a flexible program that provides the foundational content for any secondary intervention program. It provides thousands of hours of online instruction in the four core subject areas, as well as elective and Career and Technical Education courses, appropriate for learners in grades 6–12.

Using Our Products for Intervention

See how Red Mill Elementary School uses Study Island to assess their students.

“The main benefit of Study Island is that it helps my students achieve grade-level growth and gives them a sense of accomplishment.”

Darlene Beishline, K-12 Study Island District Facilitator Shamokin Area School District, PA