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Set and achieve
academic growth goals

Exact Path makes learning personal using diagnostic assessment data and personalized instruction. Students who use Exact Path are proven to demonstrate positive, statistically significant growth. Exact Path can help close skill gaps, accelerate learning and individualize instruction with competency-based learning paths.

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path iconGrades K-12

Exact Path supports students through all grades from K-12 and enables a continuity of learning anywhere, anytime.

path iconUS/International Curricula

Aligned to both curricula, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be driving student growth closely linked to educational objectives.

path iconAdaptive Diagnostics

Diagnose learning needs with adaptive assessments or by leveraging data from NWEA. Assessment results can be used to generate personalized learning paths.

path iconSubject Coverage

Using diagnostic assessments paired with individualized learning pathways to support student growth in math, reading, and language arts.

Exact Path & Your School


Real-Time Data

Instantly see your students’ progress with real-time data. Exact Path’s student reports provide educators with full insights into overall classes, aggregated groups, and individual students’ performance.

Create custom reports to track real-time progress and to showcase student academic achievement.

Personalized Learning

Exact Path uses students’ assessment results and automatically creates personalized learning pathways adapted to each student’s academic needs and ability.

Research has proven that students who use Exact Path’s diagnostic-driven, personalized learning systems, demonstrate positive academic growth.

Growth and Attainment

Exact Path combines the power of diagnostic assessments with automated, individualized learning pathways. Our advanced system allows educators to quickly pinpoint students’ academic needs, and provide a highly targeted education in order to achieve student growth and attainment.

Using Exact Path 20 minutes per week, per subject has been proven to increase student academic growth.

Targeted Instruction

Exact Path allows educators to quickly establish the academic needs of each individual student. Using visual reports, educators can review gap analysis results in order to deliver targeted instruction, support, and intervention.

Adaptive Diagnostic

Exact Path’s adaptive diagnostic assessments pinpoint students’ precise learning abilities. It benchmarks learning needs and automatically sets personalized learning paths.

NWEA MAP and Renaissance Star integrate seamlessly with Exact Path to import schools’ existing assessment data.

Make Learning Personal

Combining adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning pathways to promote student growth in core subjects. Whether you’re running a station-rotation model in your 3rd grade classroom for individualized support or steering struggling 10th graders through closing significant gaps in order to graduate, Exact Path tailors learning to each student’s academic goals. Find out how Exact Path was implemented at Liwa International School for Girls.

Early research shows that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week, per subject students will experience growth.

Meaningful Data That Doesn’t Require a Translator

Truly powerful student data is easily consumable. Exact Path uses interactive data visualizations and customizable reports to quantify valid growth measures and track real-time progress so that you can take advantage of every teachable moment.

Valid and Reliable Adaptive Diagnostic Assessments

Extensive psychometric analysis of our adaptive diagnostic assessments ensures that all students receive a unique testing experience that precisely pinpoints their instructional level, strengths, and needs.

Additionally, we offer partnerships that can leverage results from your NWEA MAP Growth Assessments or Renaissance Star Assessments to kick start learning without further testing in Exact Path.

*Research undertaken in Edmentum’s Exact Path Research Brief: Effectiveness Study.

“When you [have] faculty members saying, ‘This is the best program ever-we want this,’ those are the types of things as a superintendent you feel, okay, this time, I hit the nail on the head.”

Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent, Colbert County School, AL

What Customers Are Saying…

Exact Path and the Lexile Framework Linking Study

“The real power of the Lexile Framework is in examining the growth of readers – wherever the reader may be in the development of his or her reading skills.”

Edmentum’s Exact Path: Research Base for Math

“We joined our mathematics learning path with our Edmentum assessment assets to form a comprehensive solution where scores can be linked to objectives.”

Research Base for Reading and Language Arts

“Lessons, quizzes, and progress checks are provided in each grade on three speaking and listening levels. Active listening, discussion skills, and giving presentations.”

EducationCity in the Classroom

Explore how Exact Path makes adapting to Virtual Learning seamless

See how Liwa International School for Girls ensured success with Exact Path

Campo Elementary School using Exact Path to drive growth for learners below, on, or above grade level

“As a teacher, I rely on Exact Path to consistently deliver valuable information to me and the additional help to my students that will help them improve. Exact Path is an essential component of our school.”

Peter Meltzer, Director & Founder, Surat Thani International School, Thailand

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