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Enable Education Anywhere, Anytime with Virtual Learning

We can help you future-proof education and prepare for whatever the future may hold. All products across our portfolio fully support distance or virtual learning, enabling education continuity at all times. With the support of our products, education can occur in and out of the classroom without losing sight of student progress or compromising growth and development.

EducationCity icon EducationCity

Offers adaptable learning, assessments, and teacher tools including lesson planning and data reports. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Exact Path

Offers truly personalized learning for every student with adaptable pathways unique to student needs and rigorous reporting for educators. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

path icon Study Island

Offers practice and preparation for high-stakes assessment prep and fully adaptable assessments across core subjects. The product can be used in and out of the classroom.

EducationCity icon Courseware

Course expansion for schools, offering over 400 courses. The product enables a distance learning model for schools wherever necessary.

path iconAcademy

Virtual Learning offered in over 600 courses for K-12 students, with full progress reporting. The solution can be delivered as a distance learning model or in a bricks and mortar setting.

Education Continuity

All our products enable education continuity beyond the classroom. Continue to observe student growth and progression no matter where education takes place.

Increased Options for Students

Make the most of virtual learning with an increased course offering and academic options. Delivered as a distance or bricks and mortar option.

Building Capacity Models

All products can be tailor made to unique school needs, goals and objectives. We can seamlessly combine our products to reach the best possible solution for your school.

Education Continuity

All our products support and enable education continuity anywhere and anytime. No matter what the future may hold, you can be safe knowing that learning can successfully continue without compromising growth & development. All our products can be used in a classroom setting or as a distance learning model, with full visibility of student progression for educators and time-saving tools.

virtual learning

Identify a path to success

Expand learning beyond the traditional classroom with Courseware, including core curriculum, World Languages, Career and Technical Education, and courses for use with the Advanced Placement® exams. Our highly interactive, video-rich courses engage learners and give you the opportunity to offer subjects that enhance and complement your curriculum.

“Utilizing online learning has helped us graduate students with our high school diploma that simply would not have graduated. Every year, we make use of [Edmentum] to recover credits and take elective credits in the process.”

Vern Reed, Alternative Program Coordinator, West Burlinton ISD, IA

Support diverse learner needs with powerful technology

EdOptions Academy partners with schools to deliver research-based and pedagogically sound curricula in a fully online learning environment. Highly qualified, internationally-certified teachers help schools in both short- and long-term opportunities to ensure that students have access to learn regardless of experience, ability, or circumstance. Trusted internationally, EdOptions Academy provides extensive and effective online solutions for all learners.

Drive Learning with Online Instruction

Edmentum’s Academy is a true partner to schools and districts that delivers rigorous, research-based curricula in a virtual environment. Highly qualified, state-certified online teachers experienced in online instruction connect learning to real-life experiences and offer flexible program implementation and management designed for all virtual learning environments.

Using Our Products for Virtual Learning

See how Maryknoll School is using online learning with Courseware for producing flexible learning environments

“The challenges of online teaching were there, but using EducationCity made it a lot more doable, especially for early years. I really appreciated having that resource.”

Miranda McGovern, Head of Early Years, Hillcrest International Schools, Kenya