Standards-aligned digital course expansion for schools

Schools that implement Courseware report an increased student graduation rate. Courseware can help engage learners with online courses taught by your teacher of record, students earn credit from anywhere, anytime, track progress with reporting and pacing tools.

Grades 6 - 12

Course expansion for schools, ideal for students aged 12-18.

Standards Aligned

Fully accredited by WIDA, NCAA, California State Standards, Web Align and best-in-class online curriculum.

College/Career Readiness

College and career readiness tools, preparing students for the next steps.

Course Coverage

Over 600 courses covering original credit, credit recovery, and AP. Watch our overview here.

Courseware & Your School

Addressing Learning Loss 2020-21

Research suggests that students may begin the 2020-21 school year with up to a year of learning loss due to school closures. To make it easier for educators to address the varying levels of readiness they will encounter, Edmentum has released new ‘accelerate’ math and ELA mini-courses. These five- to nine-week courses provide direct instruction in the essential prerequisite skills that students need to master to be successful in each of their high school math and ELA courses.

Ideal for Every Student & Classroom

Online courses open up a world of content and flexible implementation options. Whether students are at grade level, falling behind, or advanced, our courses are customizable to any environment and built to Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards for easy integration with existing systems. Plus, once you sign on, you will be met with a team of professionals dedicated to supporting your unique implementation.

Flexibility, Interoperability, and Customization

Edmentum Courseware makes customization simple. We give you control to restructure content and even add your own custom content to create customized courses and assignments with a few clicks. Plus, integration with Clever and ClassLink as well as leading LMS providers make managing student data easy and provide educators and learners with a seamless experience.

Instant Visibility to Student Pacing and Progress

Know exactly how students are pacing with powerful data views that give you unmatched visibility into pacing, progress, and performance, supported by integrations with LMS and SIS solutions for easy transfer of assignment and course grades. With our courses, you will never wonder if a student is behind, ahead, or right on target with their goals.

“We were excited to renew our contract and are looking forward to continuing to expand our use of Plato Courseware… For example, we are planning on using Plato Courseware as part of our special education program. That’s a new chance for success for another 160 students in Ottumwa.”
Kevin Cochran, Plato Courseware Administrator, Ottumwa High School

What Our Customer Say…

The Next Generation of Digital Curriculum

“Courseware is built to meet the most rigorous and comprehensive standards in online course content.”

Rigorous Courses & Expectations Lead to Success

“Once teachers became familiar with the online courses, they really came to understand the rigor and complexity.”

Helping Students Stay on Pace for Graduation

“Edmentum’s Courseware is a powerful program to meet the various academic needs of all students.”

Courseware within Your School

Explore an overview of Courseware and how it can seamlessly integrate within your school

Explore Courseware’s best-in-class award-winning online curriculum

See how Penn High School uses Courseware to differentiate instruction and drive student growth

“Courseware’s ability to differentiate instruction for every student has made a real and measurable difference for us.”
Scott Douglas, Retired Principal

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