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Flexible Digital Education for Every Environment

Educators report that incorporating Courseware, digital education into their blended and virtual learning programs has helped increase school ratings and improved graduation rates.

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Quality Curricula for All Students and Teachers

Continuous, Flexible Learning

Offer the depth, breadth, and flexibility to support teacher-led classroom instruction, effective virtual learning, and impactful quarantine support.

First-Time Credit

Accelerate your learners with Edmentum’s digital education. Use Courseware to deliver standards-aligned, multimodal instruction in your 21st century flipped, flex, or otherwise blended classroom.

Credit Recovery

Get students back on track with Courseware. Exemptive pretests ensure that students only work on what they need to, and engaging, scaffolded instruction keeps students motivated to recover skills, units, or entire credits.

More Than 500 Digital Education Courses Available

View the full course catalog to see all that Courseware has to offer.

Core Courses

Edmentum’s core courses cover all four core subjects for every year of middle and high school. This includes traditional core courses such as Algebra and Biology and specialized courses such as Financial Mathematics, Business English, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

When students can connect learning to real-world application, attention and engagement improve significantly. CTE allows students to personalize their education experience to their interests and career aspirations through a wide range of options that span 28 career pathways and 12 career clusters.


Electives give students the opportunity to pursue topics that excite them, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Students can browse and discover elective courses such as Music Appreciation, Art in World Cultures, and creative writing that will spark their interest.

World Languages

With many schools and universities requiring students to complete study of world languages for 1-2 years, this Courseware is essential. Students can choose from Spanish, French, German, or American Sign Language to fulfill their language requirements.

College and Career Readiness

Students ready for the next step in their college and career journeys will find courses to prepare them for college entrance and Advanced Placement exams. For learners looking for an alternative graduation path, Edmentum also offers courses to help prepare for the GED, HiSET, and TASC high school equivalency exams.

English Language Learner (ELL) Foundations

Aligned to ELPA 21 and WIDA standards, our 6-Adult ELL courses help entering, emerging, and developing ELL students improve English language proficiency and build content knowledge that addresses the four language modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Progress Monitoring, Grading and Reporting Made Easy

Pacing and Progress

Gain powerful insights into your students’ learning journey through our courseware. You will receive intuitive data showing pacing, progress monitoring and grading results.


The Gradebook provides you with automatic recordkeeping of individual student performance in assigned courses. Save time with auto-generated grading templates, or adjust weights to accommodate local grading policies.

Exportable Reports

A variety of PDF and exportable CSV reports enable educators to analyze data on key progress, grades, time-on-task metrics, and more. Customize reports and get them automatically delivered on a specified cadence.

“If we did not have this program, I do not know what we would have done. There was no way we could continue education the way we were doing it…this really did save us, and it’s moved us so far ahead of all of the schools in town.”

Ms. MaryAnn Przekurat, School Director, American School of Nouakchott in Mauritania

Combine Digital Curriculum with Our Virtual Teachers

Tools and Supports to Build Learning Around Students

Custom Course Builder

Customize courses and accommodate the needs of all learners by adding, hiding, deleting, or reordering course content. Educators can even build their own course from our library of lessons and resources.

Flex Assignments

Augment students’ course experience by also assigning customized, targeted assignments to support the individual learner or a classroom’s unique learning needs.

Guided Notes

Support student engagement and provide learners with fillable PDFs to organize, understand, and apply lesson objectives. Guided notes can be completed digitally or used offline to reinforce learning and support effective study habits.

Scaffolds and Learning Tools

Scaffold learning when students need it with a variety of interactive instructional tools. Students have access to a notes tool, online dictionary, built-in translation, and click-to-speak read-aloud functionality.

Integration Options

Integrate with the systems you have in place to maximize flexibility. As your partner, Edmentum can offer data integration with your school’s existing student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS).

Simple Student Interface

Provide intuitive views of what to work on next to prioritize activities paired with progress and performance metrics that together empower students as they carve a unique path to achieving learning goals.

Grounded in Sound Instructional Design

Edmentum’s six learning design principles provide the bedrock of Courseware’s learning methodology. Each principle has a sound basis in theory, best practice, and research.

24/7 Tutoring and Supplemental Live Instruction

Make your Courseware implementation even stronger with on-demand 24/7 tutoring when students need it from FEV Tutor and live virtual pullout instruction for students who fall behind via Foundational Skills Instruction.

Courseware within Your School

Virtual Teacher Mentoring

Prepare your educators to teach in the virtual classroom with expert coaching designed to build capacity.

Grading Services

Lighten the load for your own educators with qualified grading assistants to provide detailed, timely, and encouraging written feedback.

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