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Support the whole learner with BASE

We have proudly partnered with BASE Education to offer an in-depth social-emotional learning curriculum surrounding mental health and wellness principles that are underpinned by clinical research.

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path icon100 social-emotional learning courses*

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SEL curriculum and assessment to support the whole learner


SEL is an integral part of learning. As students regulate emotions and behaviors, develop relationship skills and social awareness, and practice critical decision-making to plan for their futures, BASE Education and SEL are at the heart of that work.


Target SEL needs with curriculum that is rooted in mental health and wellness principles and underscored by clinical research. Broach difficult topics like suicide prevention and substance use and misuse inside of courses that challenge students to stop, think, and reflect.

Core Integration

SEL doesn’t have to be something “more;” weave it into the fabric of your every day. BASE Education courses have connections inside of every core subject just waiting to be explored, including helping students navigate themes inside of language arts or connecting to history in meaningful ways.

Recognized by CASEL

BASE education has been designated “Promising” by CASEL, thereby recognized by the leading organization behind SEL research for being well-designed and evidence based.

100+ courses to support SEL instruction*

Did you know that students who receive SEL instruction perform better academically than their peers?
See all courses BASE Education has to offer.*

*some courses and features are not available in all regions.

Video-Based Courses

Short, video-based lessons paired with printable teacher guides and worksheets make up these 25 age-appropriate courses built specifically for elementary learners. Help students understand and reflect upon important real-life skills and set a strong foundation in mental health and wellness to foster more engaged, successful academic learning.

Interactive Courses

Minimal text, calming design, and vivid imagery tap into the emotional center of the brain in these interactive courses. Primarily built for grades 6-12 students, but with a few 4-6 course options as well, interactive courses allow students to complete their work independently, but can also be leveraged by educators for teacher-guided direct instruction. Every course includes a related educator guide to inform instruction and deepen learning.

PD for Educators

This clinically developed five-part series is for educators to grow their own SEL practices. The professional development (PD) collection will help educators understand SEL, identify their own triggers and growth areas, and put what they’ve learned into practice in the classroom. CEU credits are even awarded for educator completion!

“BASE is a social-emotional web-based program that is saving lives, changing behaviors, and creating honest relationships between adults and hard-to-reach teens.”

Anthony Streno, Director of Student Services, Westminster Public Schools

BASEline Formative Assessment Answers “What’s Next?”

This 15-minute formative assessment reliably measures grades 6-12 students’ strengths and needs in domains reflective of CASEL competencies and school engagement. Immediate results recommend and assign targeted courses to prescribe just-right content for all learners on their SEL journeys and allows schools to measure growth every 90 days.

Powerful features and functionality

BASE Education brings unique capabilities to the classroom, ensuring that SEL is integrated into the fabric of your every day.

Home-to-School Connection

Companion courses provide parents, families, and caregivers with the language and insights to connect with their child.

Flexible, Built-In Supports

Courses are offered in more than 50 languages, with text-to-speech, vocabulary tools, and educator guides.

Text Deletion & Firewords™

100% of student responses are captured, even if they are deleted before submission. Additionally, potentially harmful Firewords™ are captured and highlighted to guide intervention.

*some courses and features are not available in all regions.

Progress Monitoring

Review course progress, recent activity, and course completion. Dig in deeper to analyze individual student responses to guide intervention and ongoing teacher-student relationships.

BASE: Education Research


of students feel successful when doing BASE coursework


of students use what they’ve learned from BASE in their everyday life


say BASE enables them to talk about things with their therapist or counselor that they couldn’t before they used the program

*Study conducted with the assistance of Excelsior Youth Centers

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