Expand school capacity with Cognia accredited courses & teachers

Students enrolled in Academy courses maintained a 92% passing rate in 2019. With Academy you can offer courses taught by certified virtual teachers, extend alternative pathways to graduation for struggling students, expand options to retain student enrollments.

Grades K-12

Academy supports students through all grades from K-12 and enables a continuity of learning anywhere, anytime.

Virtual School

Academy can be used by schools as an at-school extension to their current offering or as a distance learning option for students.


Cognia accredited and recognized by even the most elite educational institutions, including F-1 Study Visa applications.

Course Coverage

Offering more than 600 accredited courses that can be delivered by our qualified teachers in an at-home or at-school setting.

Academy & Your School

Unlock A Whole New Way of Learning Virtually

Prepare your students for the world of tomorrow. Academy can support your students with learning entirely online or as part of a blended curriculum in a brick-and-mortar school. Our virtual school offers over 600 courses and rigorous reporting. Academy delivers an award-winning curriculum through our team of experienced, accredited online teachers.

Elite Education Institution Entry

Academy can enable your school with offering full US High School diplomas, or Dual Diploma Tracks. Accredited by AdvancED-Cognia to give transferable high school credits and diplomas which are recognizable worldwide, and by even the most elite of educational institutions.

Harvard University welcomed its first Academy student in the summer of 2019, furthermore, Academy has been at the heart of educating some of the most influential world leaders of today.

Addressing Teacher Shortages

Academy can give schools access to fully-qualified and specialized teachers cost-effectively. Our teachers specialize in even the most complex curricula with a range of 3-15 years of teaching experience, so you know your students are always well-supported. Your students and your school can benefit from offering a wider breadth of courses without compromising education quality due to location.

Empower Students with an Instructional Approach That Puts Their Needs First

EdOptions Academy’s expert educators offer personalized attention to bring virtual learning to real-life for every kind of student.

  • Specially trained, state-certified teachers offer 1,300+ years of collective experience
  • Regular communication with students and families through Zoom video conferencing, phone, email, or text
  • Live lessons, collaborative group activities, and department live help hours for all students
  • Additional support available through on-demand 1:1 tutoring from FEV Tutor and Student Success Coaches
“My son’s teachers have been beyond wonderful in terms of communication, encouragement, and keeping our son on task, which he requires.”
Eva B., Academy Parent

What Customers Are Saying…

Providing Quality at London Academy Casablanca

“Academy allowed us to offer a range of courses that we couldn’t provide. Now we have a full range of electives, honors courses, AP courses.”

Meeting Individual Needs Through Digital Learning

“Edmentum solutions are learner-centered with a differentiated approach aimed at meeting the needs of individual students.”

Career & Technical Education: Addressing the Growing Need

“Online learning was a fantastic way to expand. Students could access Edmentum Career & Technical Education courses, having new avenues to support their journey.”

Academy within Your School

Watch an Academy lesson in practice

Enabling online learning fo K-12 students

“It's a great way to take classes and earn credits that you might not be able to fit into a regular school day."
Student, London Academy Casablanca, Morocco

Accreditations and Awards