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Automatic Interpretation of Data to Help You Understand What Students Need to Learn Next…

We can help schools in the Middle East and North Africa build schools of the future. Whether you are looking for a resource to read your NWEA MAP data, support your inspection results or improve your quality of teaching and learning, our MENA Consultation Team can help you find the right solution for you.

Proudly working with over 125 schools in the MENA region

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Positive impact on attainment and progress in schools in the Middle East and North Africa

“Exact Path allows us to give the students time to catch up to their grade level and what’s going on in their classrooms at the same time. It gives the teachers data that supports them with differentiation and helps them translate the grade-level curriculum into lessons every day. That was the advantage for us of Exact Path.”

Mr. Lee Dabagia, Principal, Summit International School, Abu Dhabi

Years of experience delivering solutions to MENA schools

We have been delivering our solutions to schools in the MENA region for over a decade now. We understand their needs and their challenges and wish to help them with resources based on feedback made by them.

Certified professional development

We know how important it is for your teachers to have continued certified professional development opportunities, and we are working with SPEA in the Middle East to support this.

Cost-effective course expansion

Our programs are used in many schools in the MENA region and can support you with a competitive advantage for your schools. With affordability and better outcomes, and 600+ courses to choose from, we can support teacher shortages and give you support.

On-demand teachers

We can help measure your students’ progress and provide highly qualified tutors to advance their knowledge and understanding or provide you with additional courses in even the most specialized subjects to offer to your learners.

Specialized support for MENA schools

Our representatives have years of experience delivering support to schools in the MENA region and can help you find the right solutions for your school.

Supporting your teaching models

Whether you operate on a blended learning model or a hybrid learning model, our solutions and our specialists can support you with finding the right resource for you.

Meet Our MENA Consultation Team

Paul Montague, Education Consultant

Paul has…

Josh Budgen, Sales Rep

Josh has…

Natasha Bailey, Implementation Specialist

Natasha has…

Supporting you with your business model

We have the necessary knowledge to support you with adding to your desired business model. Our team can support business owners with working with their chosen model and budgets to find the right solution to fit your needs.

At the moment, we are offering your students the opportunity to learn foundational skills with our on-demand teachers over the school holidays for June to September 2021 for just $3 an hour – contact us to find out more!

Read Summit International School’s Case Study

Exact Path was exactly what we were looking for. MAP shows you your students’ learning levels, and we were looking for something to provide us with the interventions, content, teaching, practice and mastery material that is required to improve students’ scores. Exact Path does and is, therefore, a perfect partner for schools looking to improve their MAP scores. It uses the MAP baseline scores and generates a learning pathway for each student, which is personalized to their needs and learning level.”

Shakila Mohammed, Assistant Principal (K-5), Liwa International School for Girls, Abu Dhabi

Giving you the ability to provide scope for the year ahead…

We can support learning for the whole academic year with our solutions. Exact Path allows you to input your NWEA MAP scores into the system for your students to receive a learning pathway lasting for the whole year, where their learning is completely mapped out.

✔ Upload your NWEA MAP results to plan for the year ahead
✔ Your students have a whole learning pathway to take advantage of
✔ Their year-long learning pathway adapts to their needs and focuses on their gaps and building their foundational skills

Supporting you with interpreting data to translate it in an easy-to-read format

We support you with interpreting data into easy-to-read formats or you have the option to upload NWEA MAP data to Exact Path so you know what to do next with that data for your students – let us do that work for you!

We also support the UAE National Agenda Parameter and helping students hit certain RIT scores. Exact Path can help students accelerate their learning so that they improve and we can help you exceed national expectations.

✔ Interpretation of NWEA MAP scores so you can see where gaps may lie
✔ Helping you to exceed national expectations
✔ Supporting you with yours and your students’ requirements

Supporting you with preparing for your school inspections and seeing growth

Whether you need to adapt to your own country’s inspection framework or the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s (KHDA), we absolutely know the importance of this.

We are committed to helping you improve the quality of your teaching and learning to see growth, and our Study Island solution helps with preparing your students for their standardized tests to support with growth too.

✔ Supporting you with improving inspection results
✔ See student growth with solutions to support preparation for standardized assessments
✔ Allow our solutions to support your students’ growth with intuitive learning pathways

Multi-tier intervention options and individualized learning

With our solutions, you can gain a laser-focused view on students’ progress and provide differentiated learning options or individualized learning options.

Many of our solutions identify who is above or below grade for you so your students get the right support they need to progress. We can support the whole learner in the way they need so that we can empower futures one step at a time.

✔ Identify who needs more support or who needs additional resources easily to support progress
✔ Automatic grouping tools for your intervention needs
✔ Holistic support for the individual learner and their growth

Allowing students to follow their passions

We provide curriculum so that your students can follow their chosen next steps!

We know how important it is to give your students options to learn, and our Courseware and Academy solutions have over 600 courses to offer to your students, whether they are wanting to choose a career-led or college-led path.

✔ Over 600 courses to choose from to support every student’s needs
✔ Edmentum is committed to support students’ passions
✔ On-demand tutors to support 24/7 learning and specialist subjects

Trusted by Millions of Educators Worldwide

Top World Leaders

We’ve been privileged to educate many top world leaders.

Cognia™ Accredited Courses

Cognia™ accredited courses and diplomas recognized for US entry.

Harvard University

Harvard University welcomed its first Academy student in 2019.

Our dedicated Implementation Specialists work in partnership with schools in the MENA region every step of the way

We understand the challenges that can be faced when implementing new technologies. That’s why our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We truly view you as a partner. All of our products include complimentary integration, product training, and ongoing support. Our top priority is to ensure you have an easy and successful Edmentum journey!

See our implementation handout here to explore a school’s implementation journey.

Bespoke Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager aligned to your custom school requirements.

Full Product Training & Support

Full product support and training sessions at a time that suits you.

Ongoing Program Updates

You will receive regular content and product feature updates.

Program Progress Reviews

We will set up regular check-ins to ensure your goals are met and you are maximizing your investment.

Partners We Work With…

We’ve seen the most successful attainment jumps from term 1 to term 2 in the 2019 to 2020 academic year, which we are really pleased with. A major part of this success is our usage of Exact Path.”

Kate Hutchinson, Vice Principal (K-5), Liwa International School for Girls, Abu Dhabi