Frequently Asked Questions

Support Questions

What are Edmentum’s browser recommendations?
What support will I receive from Edmentum?
How do I log in to Edmentum products?
How do I change the screen resolution or font size on my workstation?
If I have a problem, what are my contact options?

Exact Path Questions

How do I start with Exact Path and add students?
How do I understand each of the features on Exact Path?
If a student is struggling with something, can I create an assignment to help?
How can I set up challenges?
Can I give students work on specific standards?
How long should you be using Exact Path each week?
How do I hold students’ engagement for Exact Path?
How can I use Exact Path for students who may be far below or far above grade level?
How can I share good work and progress with parents?
What are the Building Blocks in Exact Path?
In terms of the learning path, how are Building Blocks included?
What do my students see when they receive a Building Block?
I want to review Building Blocks in reporting. How can I do this?

EducationCity Questions

How do I set up EducationCity?
How do I give students their logins?
How do I set lessons?
How do I give teachers their logins?
How do I keep my students engaged in EducationCity?
How do I know the progression of my students in EducationCity?
How do I communicate success and progress to my students’ parents?
How can I change preferences for my EducationCity account?
How do I set assessments on EducationCity?
How do I give Revision Journals or learning paths on EducationCity?

Study Island Questions

How can I make sure my students can only access material from assignments I have created?
Do I need to delete previous data for students to start from the beginning again?
I want to add new students to an existing class. How do I do this?
If my students enter a new grade, how do I advance them?
I want to build a test. How can I do so?
I want to amend my passing parameters in Study Island. How do I do this?
I want to create a class or group. How do I do this?
I want to create an assignment. How do I do this?
I want to delete a student from Study Island. How do I do this?
I want to delete student session data. How do I do this?
I want to find my students’ usernames and passwords. How do I do this?
I don’t want my students to work on material that is not their grade level. How can I sort this?
I want to register my students. How do I do this?
A student is moving schools. How do I transfer them?
I want to be able to turn games “on” and “off” for my students. How do I do this?
I want to view my students’ data. How do I do this?
I want to know more about Text-to-Speech. How does this work?
I’m having trouble with my students accessing the Post Test?

Courseware Questions

For guidance counsellors and parents, are there different levels of access?
Will guidance counselors be able to edit grades and grading templates if they are given administrator access?
If I am an administrator and I want to reset and return tests, can I do so?
Can I attach a link from YouTube and put it in my lesson?
On Courseware, are the courses compatible with iOS?
Which browsers would you recommend to use for Courseware?
Can we stop the feature which allows students to email other students?
Can I turn the option to email off?
Can we adjust the score needed to pass mastery tests?
Can I still set pre-assessment mode?
If a student fails an exam, does that student retake it until they achieve a pass, or is it based on the number of attempts we have allowed?
Can I reset or redo lessons and quizzes?
Can I use a course for original credit or credit recovery?
For assessments, is there an audio element?
Can I reduce the number of items on a test or amount of written response time?
Can I use these courses in different languages?
How accurately is seat time recorded?
Can you print a report for all students rather than printing out individual ones?

Academy Questions

Can you tell me more about what EdOptions Academy courses are like?
Is EdOptions Academy accredited?
When should students start the EdOptions Academy?
What can EdOptions Academy offer to me?
When learners take courses, how long does it take them to finish it?
On EdOptions Academy, how can I enroll learners?
Who are the teachers at EdOptions Academy?
How long do responses to student questions take?
How do I know my learners are best suited for online learning?
With EdOptions Academy, do you have a summer school option?
In terms of online courses, are they less challenging than traditional ones?
Can students access courses anywhere and at any time?
I want to know about the training available for my school. What do you offer?
I want to monitor students’ progress. How can I do this?
Can you tell me what your completion and pass rate is?