The Power of Virtual Schooling in Transforming Education

Addressing the EWF’s theme, ‘One generation – what does it take to transform education?’, we want to help you find a solution…

Technology is transforming the world around us and education is no exception. Blending the traditional classroom with technology will allow schools to deliver an education that prepares students for the ever-changing world of tomorrow, whilst helping you to…

  • Abolish Educational Inequity
  • Provide a Learning Environment Without Borders
  • Address Teacher shortages

During the conference, we’ll tell you more about our virtual school and how it provides an opportunity to all students globally to help them achieve their aspirations, whether that’s to get into an elite college or university or straight into the workplace.

If you are attending, we look forward to seeing you there on stand S9!

Key Event Information:

Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE

Sunday 19th January - Monday 20th January

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