We’re pleased to announce that we’re taking part in the AISA webinar series with our webinar on “Expanding Educational Opportunities with Accredited Virtual School Courses”. The webinar will take place at 16:00 GMT (17:00 WAT, 18:00 CAT, 19:00 EAT) on Wednesday 16th October.

You can register your interest in attending by emailing international@edmentum.com, but for now, here’s a bit more information about what the webinar will be about.

Schools are under increasing pressure to offer the widest possible range of courses to satisfy the needs of parents and students. Recruiting and retaining highly-qualified teaching staff is challenging, particularly in specialized subjects and curricula. The option of Virtual School Courses with qualified teachers online offers a solution to this problem, but comes with specific challenges. This webinar will explore the developing market for Virtual School Courses and present a range of implementation models from different schools around the world.

Gavin McLean, International Business Development Director, will take viewers through the webinar, and with nearly thirty years’ experience in business and curriculum development in international education, as well as working for top companies, Gavin’s in a great place to host this webinar.

Key Event Information:

Wednesday 16th October - Wednesday 16th October

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Gavin McLean

International Business Development Director


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