Using EducationCity to Continue Learning in a Distance Learning Environment at Braeburn School, Nairobi, Kenya

Braeburn School in Nairobi, Kenya, is part of Braeburn International School school group. The school has been using EducationCity since 2014 and has recently used the product to support distance learning during the school closures in Kenya.

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Edmentum International has spoken to Kelly Pugh, Assistant Headteacher, at Braeburn School about their usage of EducationCity, “EducationCity has been a great support while transitioning to remote teaching and learning. This excellent platform has supported our school community to adapt to the new demands of education; the content is in line with the curriculum, teacher-friendly and most importantly, fun for our pupils!”

EducationCity provides a number of tools for teachers to enable them to keep track of their students’ progress, which is important for keeping up with learning and for reviewing students’ level of learning too, as Kelly states, “all content completed by the pupils is automatically analysed, making it easy for teachers to identify pupils’ educational gaps and highlight trends across the class/year group. The new addition of the assessments tool is easy to use and sets up learning journeys for that pupil’s individual needs, focusing on the areas that that child got incorrect. Our teachers now have more time to focus on planning and teaching, all of which is more specific to the needs of the class due to the support provided by EducationCity.” 

Furthermore, the school has also found that the support they have received since the school closures has been ideally matched to their needs: “The EducationCity Edmentum International team has been nothing but supportive. Natasha Bailey truly understands the challenges which this new way of teaching has introduced and is efficient in her responses to help support us where needed. She has offered a listening ear and guidance on how to overcome any challenges we may have faced. Communication is always efficient, turning challenges into solutions at the click of a button.

“The technical support we have received has been nothing but admirable, EducationCity actively seeks to improve what they are providing based on feedback given and as a result, we have a happy community with quality education.”

As the school have used EducationCity over 60,000 times since March 2020, EducationCity has been a support for their teaching and learning needs during this time: “EducationCity is an excellent resource for remote learning as it excites the children, is adaptable to the needs of the children (with the many settings which can all be controlled by the teacher), and most importantly is continuously adapting to develop the platform they are providing. Our whole community has nothing but positive feedback.

“As a school we have always enjoyed all the features which EducationCity provides, however, having become more familiar with it during this lockdown period, I imagine that our teachers will make more use of all that is available when schools re-opens.”

Edmentum International will continue to support Braeburn School into the future and make sure they are helping them achieve their school’s goals, particularly after this period of distance learning.

Using EducationCity to Support Hillcrest Early Years & School Closures

Hillcrest International Schools in Kenya first had a subscription to EducationCity in 2015. Head of Hillcrest Early Years, Miranda McGovern, has commented on the school’s use of EducationCity during the school closures in Kenya and how it has been ideal in continuing children’s learning as well as supporting parental engagement.

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Miranda has said that, “EducationCity was very useful during the school closure in Kenya. We had already set it up for our Early Years in Hillcrest for school use and all we had to do was now get parents on board. Especially during the first two weeks, when we were trying to find our feet, EducationCity provided a good alternative to coming to school. The children very quickly got into routines. After almost a full term of remote learning, we teach more online, but EducationCity still has an important part in our daily routines.”

What’s more, the school has also found that regardless of distance, the product enables teachers to track progress as they would have in the classroom by using the tracking tools, “​we have a look at what the children complete, it was also nice that one student got a reward for completing tasks. This was a girl, who had found it difficult to get used to learning at home.”

Miranda has also commented that the support has been a great addition for the school and said, the support is there when we need it. It is not a constant flow of emails but knowing that there is back-up is really nice.”

Hillcrest have also found comfort from EducationCity’s teaching tools during the school closures as well as the many options in differentiating tasks to support learning: “As a teacher, you can link the tasks on EducationCity to what you are teaching. The differentiated tasks can be completed by the children and the teacher can see how confident they were at the task. This will give information for the next lesson. Some children will move to something new, while others need more time.”

Following on from the usage during lockdown and the fact that the school has used the resource nearly 10,000 times since March 2020, Miranda has commented that the school will continue to use EducationCity now and into the future thanks to their excellent experience: “​I definitely think that we will continue to make links to what can be done at home. When school returns to a ‘new’ normal, we will keep the confidence that we gained in incorporating EducationCity activities.”

Using EducationCity to Support Braeburn Imani International School & School Closures

Braeburn Imani International School in Kenya has subscribed to EducationCity since 2017. Recently, the school faced a challenge in light of COVID-19 and the school closures taking place all over the world. They needed a resource to enable the continuation of quality education mapped to their curriculum for all students.


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Edmentum International’s EducationCity fully supported the school during the lockdown by solving their challenge of enabling quick availability of practice and instruction exercises for all students in a multitude of subjects.

Deputy Head, Rita Anyienda, has said that EducationCity has also helped them keep track of their children’s progress, despite the gap caused by distance learning, “the tracker is useful for some areas of study, especially when there is a follow-up exercise on the same objectives, and also, using the exercises to check or match teachers’ assessments from other tasks.”

Rita has also commented about the support she has received from Edmentum International since the lockdown, which has helped the school place EducationCity in a distance learning format, “meeting you and knowing that you are available for support any time is encouraging.”

Braeburn Imani International School has used the resource over 18,000 times since March 2020, and they went on to say that because of the usage during lockdown, their usage of EducationCity will continue into their future to support their distance learning needs: “It is available everywhere and children enjoy the ‘game’ or ‘competitive’ aspect of the activities so they are motivated to work. I have explored various features which I have found useful and will definitely continue using them.”

Edmentum International will work with Braeburn Imani International School into the future to ensure it is supporting them with their school’s goals and needs.