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What’s New at Edmentum International?

After spending countless hours speaking and collaborating with teachers and students, and reviewing user feedback, we’ve used your experiences to ensure we’ve adapted our solutions to meet the unique needs of the people who matter to us the most – you. Our educator partners are at the forefront of everything we create here at Edmentum International and we continue to evolve our solutions to support your challenges.

So that’s why we’ve recently had a whole host of feature upgrades and updates, and we’re going to discuss the updates for three of our solutions – those being Exact Path, Courseware, and EducationCity. So what’s new at Edmentum International? Let’s discover our updates.

What’s New… Exact Path

Educator Feature Updates

  • Hide Subjects for Faster Navigation

If your school has multiple subjects in Exact Path, great news, because teachers can now customize their interface to show only the subjects they teach or want to monitor. You can easily update your profile by going to your My Profile page and then hiding any subjects. Just to note, by default, every subject you have on Exact Path is displayed.

Exact Path

  • Print Progress Check Trophy and Challenge Certificates

With printable Certificates and Trophies, you can celebrate your students’ achievements and keep them motivated towards reaching their academic goals. Teachers can now easily print individual Progress Check trophy certificates from the Student Summary Report, and Challenge certificates from the Challenges area for students too.

Student Summary Report

  • Retrieve the Data You Need Easily

We’ve issued another update to help make Exact Path reports more meaningful and easier to read, helping you save time and get the data you need quicker.

So, the Student Summary report now shows how a learning path was generated in the instance the learning path was not generated by taking the Exact Path diagnostic. Educators will see either “Path-Based Off Renaissance Star Score” if they are Renaissance users, or “Manually Generated Path” in the instance the path was auto-generated.

What’s New… Courseware

User Interface Enhancements

  • Educator Review

Courseware now includes further detailed summary information to help you visualize data. There is also a new icon/flag for courses not included in the program course catalog (you’ll see these as they are designated by a hazard sign), which makes it a lot easier to manage what you are able to see.

  • Browser Instructor Delivery

When creating sections, administrators will now be able to browse for instructors by name, adding more flexibility and making it easier to find what you need to see.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Course Audit Report

A new Gender data point has been added to this report so you can see these particular students’ performance.


Customized Instruction with Gradebook

  • Approve Credit Enhancement

Within the Gradebook Report Card, instructors can now approve credit for multiple learners with the new multiselect/select all functionality, which makes it much easier and quicker to do this task.

  • Optional Activities

Users can now create and assign optional activities to students, making the platform more adaptable for your use.

  • Drop & Reset Scores

You can now easily drop and reset scores for students, which helps you by making Courseware more flexible and adaptable to your needs.


What’s New… EducationCity

Dashboard News Feed

  • Homepage Update for Admins/Teachers

A news feed feature has been added to the EducationCity dashboard. Admins and Teachers will find the latest blog posts from Edmentum International here. Blogs will consider new and existing product features and resources, topical resources and more, so you can be sure you’re always up-to-date with the latest and greatest content.


If you have any questions about any of these updates or would like to find out more information about any of our solutions, get in touch with us on +44 (0)1572 492576 or by emailing

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