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What’s New at Edmentum International?



We’re super pleased to say that we’ve recently uploaded a whole host of new updates to Exact Path (with an update added recently for Courseware too!).

We’re always listening to educators and teachers, to enhance and adapt our solutions to meet your needs and best support you in strengthening your innovative teaching techniques.

Take a look at all our updates below!

Exact Path

Provides personalized learning pathways for students aged 5-14.

Plan Assignments More Easily with the Expanded Assignments Feature

What Is the Update?

Exact Path enables educators and teachers to quickly and easily plan, build and set assignments. However, we’ve made this process even easier. On Exact Path, you’ll now be able to create assignments from the Current Learning Activities and Knowledge Map data views.

You will also be able to build a new assignment in the Assignments page, which is where teachers can see completed assignments and those that are in progress.

How Will This Help Me?

This is great as it means you can identify who needs support and assign resources all in one place – perfect for additional remediation or spiraled support in the same area.

Courseware Assignments Page

Keep Track of Assignments with Active, Past and Archived Categories

What Is the Update?

To help you keep up to date with assignments, we have added clarification to our teacher-created assignments feature. So with the ability to see current active assignments, you’ll now see past assignments as a new category. The past assignments category will include any assignment that has passed its due date but still has students assigned to it.

Alongside this, if students have been removed from an assignment, these will appear in an Archived option (previously noted as Inactive).

How Will This Help Me?

This is going to be ideal for keeping track of where students are with assignments, which will help you provide remediation or support where you need to. It also means you’ll have no worries about losing any assignments and can reuse them for different students at any time, so it’s a huge time-saver!

Courseware Assignment Categories

Navigate Exact Path More Easily with Homepage Quick Links

What Is the Update?

The homepage, formerly the Notifications page on the My Classes tab, now makes locating items on Exact Path easier. Alongside the adjustments to help teachers act on Exact Path’s notifications, you can also now see a Quick Links to key areas of the solution.

How Will This Help Me?

This means teachers can start reviewing data and enhancing instruction as soon as they log in, with navigation to diagnostic, learning path, assignments and class areas being done within one click – simple!

Courseware Homepage Quick Links

Math Skills with the New Calculator Tool

What Is the Update?

Often provided as a support for assessments and an important tool, we’ve partnered with Desmos to offer the Desmos calculator on Exact Path within math Mastery Quizzes. A calculator is available for those skills that require it. There are three different calculators – basic, scientific, and graphic – and depending on the question, the correct calculator will now show.

How Will This Help Me?

The Desmos calculator makes sure students have the supports they need as they complete math skills in their learning path, so it’s great for giving students the maximum opportunity for success.

Find Your Way Around Exact Path Quickly with Streamlined Educator Subject Pages

What Is the Update?

There will be a slight refresh when navigating between different subjects from the teacher view of Exact Path, with adjustments to colors, labels and section descriptions. Sections are now organized differently to help you navigate your way around Exact Path quickly to suit your needs.

How Will This Help Me?

Get to where you want to go quickly. It’s much more intuitive and personalized to your teaching needs to support you day to day.

Courseware Streamlined Educator Subject Pages


Expand and enhance your course offerings for students aged 12-18.

Measure Workplace Skills with Added ACT® WorkKeys Prep Courses

What Is the Update?

We’ve also released a batch of new ACT® WorkKeys prep courses recently on Courseware, with content aligned to two new ACT® assessments.

The courses include Applied Mathematics (which has been updated), Business Writing, Comprehensive, Locating Information, Teamwork, Listening and Applied Tech, and Reading for Information.

We’ve also recently added a Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents course too.

How Will This Help Me?

You can support your students preparing for the workplace better and it means you can offer them more to support their needs.

Keep in touch for any new updates in future with our solutions – and remember, should you have any questions or need any advice at all, give us a call on +44 (0)1572 492576, or email

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