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What’s New at Edmentum International?

At Edmentum International, we spend countless hours speaking and working with teachers and students to improve our solutions from user feedback gained. We like to use your user feedback to make sure our solutions are being developed in a way that meets the unique needs of people like you. We focus everything we do on our educator partners here and work to develop our solutions to support your challenges.

That’s exactly why we’re excited to tell you about the new feature upgrades and updates we have implemented for Exact Path and Courseware. Find out what’s new for these solutions.

What’s New… Exact Path

Student Feature Update

Auto-Saving in Practice Activities

Alongside the Progress Checks and Mastery Quiz items being bookmarked in Exact Path, now, many additional activities are bookmarked too. This feature will be ideal for making sure students are able to continue their lessons in Exact Path after exiting, so they won’t have to start them again.

With this, when a student takes an activity, they will now return to where they left off when they next log in, which is ideal for making sure progress is saved and learning is continued.

Exact Path Student Page

Educator Feature Updates

We’ve also made small changes to make your Exact Path experience more simple as a teacher, and make your day-to-day life that little bit easier.

Review Quizzes in Supplemental Assignments

You can already review Progress Check and Mastery Quiz answers in the learning path, but teachers will now be able to review Mastery Quiz answers in supplemental assignments too, making it more simple view students’ progress.

Location Filter Updates

So you can view the data you need fast, you can now use a filter to see only the students in your own location when managing classes, making it easier for you to view what you need.

What’s New… Courseware

New Weekly Progress View

We’re excited to say that you can now gain weekly insight into how a student is doing with launched/completed course activities by viewing progress in a weekly view. With a more sophisticated, easier way of viewing data, the report includes:

  • Summary overview
  • Interactive weekly trend graphs
  • Weekly details

Courseware Weekly Progress View

Enhanced Section Curriculum Page

When viewing and modifying course curriculum, workflow improvements have been made which has increased modification visibility, making Courseware more flexible to your needs. Changes include:

  • Easy settings access to lock and hide activities
  • Timestamps to confirm any curriculum changes
  • The global menu now includes end of semester test

Courseware Section Curriculum Page

Easy Access and Identification Updates

To help with overall identification and workflow, updates have been made and they include:

  • The course catalog can now be printed
  • Unprovisioned courses now have a new flag with active sections assigned
  • An “inactive” label is now included in the Courseware Audit Report for inactive sections
  • The reorganization of report layouts and print versions for ease of reading

Have any questions on the updates? Or would you like to find out more information about the solutions we offer to help schools? Just get in touch by calling +44 (0)1572 492576, contacting us on WhatsApp on +44 (0)7832 971396 or emailing and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

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