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Supporting the African Children’s Feeding Scheme with the Use of Online Learning

Established in 1945, the ACFS is a registered non-profit organization that has grown immensely over the years. The organization has 13 centers in South Africa and has developed to provide a holistic program to enable children to reach their full potential.

The centers act as community hubs, providing early childhood development programs and a range of support services for families.

Edmentum has been proud to support the African Children’s Feeding Scheme (ACFS) since 2019. We responded to them by giving them free access to our assessment, teaching, and learning tool, EducationCity.

Providing online learning to this center has been of tremendous importance to the core values of Edmentum, one of which is to truly equalize students’ chances of success regardless of their background, location or ability, and to help build the school around each and every student.

Bertha Magoge, Executive Director at the charity, has commented on how online access impacts the children: “Many of our children get to own their own computer when in their first year in university, and they compete with children who have owned computers since four years of age. That catch-up game is the reason why we have over 50% of university dropouts by the first year in this country. In a small way, ACFS is helping to change this gross inequality and empower these children from an early age.”

For the children who attend the center, the charity provides them with an opportunity to spend time using computer technology, including EducationCity; Bertha says:

“The children you see come from severely impoverished households which are food insecure. In their homes, there is no luxury of a computer or even a smart cell phone. To be able to spend an afternoon in our center like this is like a dream for them.

“On behalf of the ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme, more especially the less fortunate children, I wanted to take this time to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for Edmentum’s remarkable support to ACFS.”

Account Manager, Tom Moorhouse, at Edmentum has been humbled to be able to support the charity and provide them with help and training: “I personally want to thank Bertha for everything that her and the team do to provide support to vulnerable children. It has filled my heart with gratitude speaking with Bertha, and I wish the African Children’s Feeding Scheme continued success in all that they do. I am in touch with Bertha periodically to gather updates on how EducationCity is supporting the children that she works with, and I feel privileged at hearing about all the wonderful work that they do.”

Edmentum continues to support this charity, and during some of the recent communication, Bertha mentions:

“I am so humbled by your offer to assist our organization in accessing the EducationCity software. I can’t tell you how much this means to us and especially to the children we serve. I am so grateful. It is people like you who make my work here truly worthwhile.”

Bertha recently sent Edmentum a video of the children at the center using EducationCity, which we are incredibly proud to shareYou can view this video here. 

Finally, to find out more about the ACFS charity, please visit their website, where you can read about all the fantastic work they do.

ACFS, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to support you and all the fantastic work you do. We are truly humbled to work alongside you.

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