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How Exact Path Can Maximize the Value You Gain from Your NWEA Map® Assessments

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) Growth Assessments are used by schools all over the world. The adaptive tests are fantastic for helping teachers understand the level students have reached in their learning, regardless of the academic grade they are in, and provide teachers with the data necessary to produce individual or group instructional plans.

Even with their support, however, developing a meaningful individualized plan for each student involves a considerable amount of work when the average class may contain up to 25 children. Which is where, we at Edmentum International can help, with our award-winning solution, Exact Path, for students aged 3-14.

In this blog, we’ll look at exactly what Exact Path is, explain how our partnership with NWEA Map® works and, most importantly, outline the benefits for students and teachers.

What is Exact Path?

Exact Path’s an individualized learning solution, covering reading, language arts and math, which enables teachers to deliver the right lesson at the right level at exactly the right time to meet the needs of all their students in one classroom.

No matter whether students are working below, on, or above grade, Exact Path will deliver carefully created content, developed by our in-house subject matter experts, to meet each student’s needs and help them progress.

How do Exact Path and NWEA Map® Assessments work together?

By uploading MAP® Growth assessment Rasch unit (RIT) scores to Exact Path, students receive an individualized pathway of content just right for them. The illustration below shows how no more than four skills are selected at once, and the curriculum components each lesson module might include.

Example of individualized learning pathway

Student Benefits

Exact Path enables students to take ownership of their learning and control when, where and the pace at which they learn. Focusing on no more than four skills at one time keeps them motivated and focused, and having to access to a full mix of curriculum-aligned, instructional material, mastery quizzes and teacher-graded activities helps them fully engage in their learning.

After completing their set of four skills, students are given a Progress Check to check they’ve understood what’s been covered, and ensure they are ready to receive additional skills. As students demonstrate mastery, learning is propelled forward; if additional remediation is required, automated Building Blocks allow students to address any gaps that exist.

Teacher Benefits

Uploading your class’s NWEA Map® Growth results to Exact Path, gives you a definitive starting point for each of your students, and provides a structured learning pathway to ensure subsequent instruction is focused where it is most needed for them to progress.

Harnessing the information from the assessment, it puts you in control, enabling you to:

  1. Monitor class performance by skill – You can view learning path progress by skill to make real-time instructional decisions.
  2. Evaluate individual progress – Student summary reports detail all learning path activity for a specific student, they help you track progress, plan for instruction, and are great to use when talking with parents and other stakeholders.
  3. Create data-driven small groups – Grouping students of similar ability can require a lot of time. But Exact Path does it for you, allowing you to focus on student instruction.
  4. Assign targeted content – You can search for standards or skills-aligned content within Exact Path, and build individualized assignments to ensure your students receive the just-in-time instruction, remediation, and enrichment they need.

Want to know more about how NWEA Map® and Exact Path work hand in hand to power individualized learning? Our team is on hand to provide you with more information. Just call us on +44 (01572) 492576 or email us on

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