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Lighten Your Teachers’ Workload with Educational Technology

It’s not uncommon for many teachers to find themselves without a lot of time on their hands. From working long hours to lots of planning, marking and assessing, many teachers feel overwhelmed at times. Teachers love to teach, but many end up leaving the teaching profession because of workload and burning out.

One way head teachers can lighten their teachers’ workload is through educational technology, otherwise known as edtech. Oftentimes, when schools are looking at implementing new edtech, they focus on how a solution is going to help their students and solve their needs. However, there are many edtech solutions out there, including Edmentum International’s, that directly help with making teachers’ jobs easier and less time-consuming, whilst benefiting student outcomes all at the same time.

When you’re choosing to implement an edtech solution for your school, it’s worth considering these factors to help with lightening your teachers’ workload.

Teaching Resources

The UK-produced editorial newspaper, The Guardian, comments in one article on how much time teachers spend planning, where one teacher shows just how much time they spend planning per week. To lighten workloads, look for a solution which already provides curriculum-ready instructional resources, especially different types of resources, such as videos, interactive activities, online tutorials, etc., that will benefit differentiated learning. This allows teachers to utilize these resources and not spend so much time seeking them out themselves, whilst also having time to flexibly teach in their own way.


It’s no surprise that teachers must test students every now and again, and ensure they are mastering standards or objectives that they need to. However, writing questions can be time-consuming and marking can be even more so. When searching for an edtech solution, the solution should have ways for teachers to simply assess their students’ knowledge regardless of how lesson material is taught. Solutions with large banks of items with options to be used for lengthier, formal, as well as shorter, informal assessments, with the ability to provide detailed information in terms of grading and reporting is ideal. This will help teachers with setting up tests, and reviewing data and marking.

Personalized, Differentiated Instruction

Many teachers also have difficulty with finding the time to differentiate instruction to each student’s level so they can progress individually, rather than through whole-group instruction. Edtech solutions can help with this. Edtech allows teachers to set students off with their own learning paths tailored to their level where they can work independently. This allows teachers to be safe in the knowledge that their students are receiving instruction tailored to their level.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as some teachers will require different needs from an edtech solution, it’s worth asking them what they would be looking for and to survey them. By involving them in the decision-making process, this will mean you’ll be choosing a solution that directly suits the needs of your teachers.

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