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Latest Enhancements to Exact Path, Courseware and Study Island

Our latest enhancements are based on your feedback about how you teach and and how your students learn best and we’re really excited to share them with you!

Take a look at the latest additions to Exact Path and Courseware

Exact Path

Reporting Changes

We know teachers use Exact Path data to guide high-stakes instructional decisions so we’ve been looking at how to improve data and reporting.

  • Categorizations of assessment by national percentile rank means that a student’s score will fall into one of four percentiles that represent where their score falls in relation to Exact Path US national norms from the spring testing window. This will be available for Exact Path K-8 students to help you understand exactly how your students are performing.

  • Easier-to-understand domain level information will mean you can see the number of items scored correctly or incorrectly by domain and skills for individual students, or aggregated by class, grade, or school level. You can also explore individual performances to understand students’ assessment journeys and skill readiness.
  • Understand where your students should start learning with the new Learning Path Entry Grade (LPEG) metric. You’ll be able to see the lowest grade level skill your student will begin working on when they start their learning path to give you a holistic view of your students’ learning path.
  • Review students’ performance in meaningful ways with five updated diagnostic reports to give you more insight into your students’ performance.

Choose Assessment Starting Grade

We know that you know your students best, so if you’re using the Exact Path diagnostic, you can now set your own starting grades to support differentiation and test more efficiently.

Create Assignments from the Groups Page

Create custom assignments for your groups to provide further differentiation within your lessons, based on assessment, domain or skill performance.

One-Click Assignment Archive

Deactivate or archive assignments with the new one-click deactivate option to remove assignments from student view but retain data for your records.

Increased Flexibility for Students’ Settings

Adapt Exact Path to suit the needs of individual learners…

  • Diagnostic settings allow you to set starting grade levels of the diagnostic for each subject and then turn on or off any text to speech functionality.
  • Learning path settings allow you to adjust the content style students see to ensure it’s relevant to their age. You can choose to add all skills to a learning path for 7-12 grade remediation, or let the solution deliver key skills. You can also hide calculators for students in math.

Over 1,000 Additional Teacher Resources!

We know your time is precious, so to save you time searching for high-quality resources, we’re adding more than 1,100 printable worksheets in addition to our lesson ideas, teacher videos and worksheets. We’re also adding interactive lessons and videos for you to assign to students away from their learning paths, or for you to use in mini lessons as a group – great for extra skill reinforcement and intervention.

Study Island

Search and Assign Content

Simply type in the concept or standard, pick the activities and assign them directly to your students. You can even assign lessons and flash cards which students must complete before they can start on the Study Island topic.

Content Search and Assign Page

One-Click Clean Up

You now have more time to focus on preparing for the new year! Now you can ‘reset’ your classes for the new academic year (if you plan to reuse them) by selecting one or multiple classes and then unenrolling all the students in them and/or deactivating all the assignments in those classes – this makes it much quicker for you than having to unenroll/deactivate for each and every student.

Streamlined Class Clean-up

New Student Activity Page

See where students are logged in, and what they are working on, as well as viewing how they’ve done on activities and assignments in one place. You can also assign content from here if you notice they need some additional practice.

Student Activity Data Page


Enhanced Reporting 

Save yourself time putting reports together with single or bundled reports for:

  • Course Progress Report
  • Gradebook Report Card

If you want to see any of our new updates in detail and speak to one of our friendly team, just give us a call on +44 (0)1572 492576 or email

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