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January 22, 2019

Lesson planning can be time consuming, especially when you want to be providing each student individualised learning across the whole classroom environment.

This is where we want to help you out! In this blog, we’re going to focus on how one of Edmentum International’s solutions, EducationCity, can support you with managing your workload.

Not too familiar with EducationCity? Let us tell you a little more …

EducationCity introduces a wealth of teacher resources online, to help you plan for targeted instruction, to help pinpoint specific classroom objectives giving you more time to do what you do best… teach.

There’s a teacher tool in particular which we think you’ll find useful to help with lesson planning…

Introducing Learn Screens

Example of EducationCity
Learn Screens within EducationCity are a great tool to engage your whole class in introducing a new topic on a projector or interactive smart board and can be assigned to individual students to support intervention.

They are designed to introduce an objective or concept in an engaging video to glossary format… a bit like an animated slideshow. Each Learn Screen utilises the familiar EducationCity characters, who grow with students as they progress through their early years and primary, in a student-friendly, real-life scenario to explore a topic.

How can Learn Screens support students learning?

  • Helps with grasping topics and useful when supporting the understanding of a concept. They take students through each objective step-by-step, engaging and colourful, so they’re great for learning with.
  • They support the mastery of concepts because students can go through them at their own pace – perfect for understanding concepts and test preparation!
  • With audio and text reinforcement they are fantastic to use within an EAL program.

Want to explore Learn Screens? Sign in to your EducationCity account to give them a go for yourself and see how they’re great for introducing a new topic.

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Jemma Gordon

Senior International Account Manager

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Jemma Gordon

Senior International Account Manager

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I love to learn! This gives me a great insight and attitude with a learner’s perspective when looking deeper into education and online learning. 

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A fantastic benefit of working internationally is the opportunity to understand different cultures and traditions, and of course to travel to some amazing countries around the world.

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