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Implementing Online Curriculum at WorldEd School to Students Anywhere in the World

Situated in Florida, USA, WorldEd School (WED) was founded in 2017 with a mission to bring American curriculum to students around the globe.

The founding of WorldEd School was inspired by an idea to provide students with an environment that offers them an opportunity to gain academic credits with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills. Connecting with students from all over the world allows learners to develop an international mindset and raise their global awareness and communication skills. Students learn and interact with one another through projects and hands-on experiences with full consideration and celebration of their cultures.  

WorldEd School is also unique in providing not only one-on-one curriculum but also partnering with brick-and-mortar schools that offer the national curriculum of their particular country. This offers students the opportunity to earn an American high school diploma in addition to that of their current country. The opportunity to earn a dual diploma is especially valuable and allows WorldEd School to fully support students in their educational goals.

Ms. Juliana Frigerio, Principal at the school, comments on their growth since 2017: “The program was a huge success from its inception, and the students really fell in love with it. Outside of the domestic boundaries, international students were wanting to work toward a Dual Diploma (American and local diploma), and schools began to understand the value and potential of an international program. Since then, we have grown exponentially on a global scale, supporting a wide range of students based across Latin America, Canada, Europe, and the USA, and helping them to achieve their full educational potential.”

The Challenge

In 2017, the individuals who founded WorldEd School recognized that in order for students to gain the maximum benefit from the curriculum, it would be crucial to have online resources and instructional support. Ms. Frigerio has had experience with several international schools and identified that flexibility in teaching and content creation would be of paramount importance in selecting a program.

The Solution

After learning about Edmentum’s Courseware, a 6-12 first-time credit and credit recovery program, Ms. Frigerio comments:

“I am in love with Edmentum, to be honest. I like the layout, the content is clear, and because we do not have students doing everything by themselves, Courseware offers us an ideal balance. It offers flexibility for students to work independently while promoting the collaborative learning style that is our focus!

“We provide a K-12 education, and we use Courseware’s Social Studies and electives for middle and high school and EducationCity for our elementary curriculum.”


Upon reflection, the school comments that embedding Courseware into the school’s practice was easy. Thanks to the many teacher tools available, educators were able to utilize those that best complemented their own teaching styles and goals. The tools became instrumental in allowing WorldEd School to easily engage students in the curriculum and improve their skills.

Furthermore, the school operates on an “inverted class” basis where they require students to read the Courseware courses and then listen to them. They are then guided by a teacher in a discussion-based activity. With Courseware, students can easily preview and review the knowledge they need to use in class.

Ms. Frigerio says that “Courseware has so much added value. It’s used to develop students’ abilities, so when they meet with their teacher, they have a foundation that prepares them for class discussions.” Furthermore, Ms. Frigerio also reported that it allows the students an opportunity for personalized learning as students have numerous built-in opportunities to ask questions and receive individual feedback.

The school’s curriculum balances autonomy with set deadlines, and the content on Courseware supports with maintaining this balance. This balance is so significant in preparing students for their futures and the world of work. Ms. Frigerio says:

“Courseware has content to help students move towards their future. It inspires critical thinking and allows us to structure students’ learning while encouraging independence. Furthermore, the platform is clear, concise, and well organized. Students are learning more enthusiastically and more successfully via this format.”


Since its founding, WorldEd School has seen great success. The last year has seen particular growth with students and the area of online learning.

Commenting on this success, Ms. Frigerio says that

“Although students were not physically in school last year due to the pandemic, we successfully awarded many diplomas. We saw more success with students undertaking our program than with students who were solely following a traditional education. This was due in no small part to Courseware and the built-in flexibility and support.

At WorldEd School, we understand and celebrate our students’ needs and cultural differences, which is critical to their engagement. By providing a hands-on teaching and mentoring approach, students take part in meaningful and creative lessons with the flexibility of an online forum. Courseware also enables WorldEd School to share innovative (and fun) projects and activities that help students learn and adapt to the changes in their everyday lives. As a result, Courseware allows WorldEd School to create personalized learning on a global stage.

The Future

WorldEd has many exciting plans in place for its future. Ms. Frigerio states, “with success comes more dreams! Our future goal is to continue to expand in more countries around the world.”

The school is excited to continue to partner with Edmentum as they work towards this goal together in the future.

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