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Implementing Exact Path with Parents at Liwa International School for Girls

Lindsay Coles Lindsay Coles   |   15/09/2020

Liwa International School for Girls is a highly prestigious school in Abu Dhabi. The school achieved a Band A rating by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge within just eight months of the school opening in 2016.

We’ve been speaking to Kate Hutchinson, Vice Principal (K-5), and Shakila Mohammed, Assistant Principal (K-5), about how they implemented their subscription of Exact Path, where we asked them about how they supported the usage of it with students’ parents.

Kate and Shakila knew how important it was to prepare all their stakeholders for the implementation of Exact Path when they introduced it in the school to really make it a success, and this also included their students’ parents.Students on Laptop

Parents at the school are mainly Arabic-speaking. They benefit from support digitally, especially when products such as Exact Path are introduced. In collaboration with the school, we’ve put together a few pointers to show how they gained success with Exact Path and parental engagement. You could use these ideas too.

Introductory Video & Guides for Parents

First, to encourage the implementation of Exact Path with parents, the school created introductory videos and guides which were translated into Arabic for parents. This included an initial set-up video and a video to show the link between the MAP assessments and Exact Path.

As Shakila states, “our parents are mostly Arabic-speaking, so the senior leadership team created an introductory video for parents, both in Arabic and English, to let them know about Exact Path’s connection to MAP assessment preparation.”

These videos were highly beneficial as they have supported usage of Exact Path and helped with students using the resource at home to boost their learning.

Parents’ Evenings & Exact Path

Another pointer is mentioning Exact Path at parents’ evenings. First, Kate says that “at parents’ evening, we have the Edmentum video on as they come into the school so they can see Exact Path.”Students and Teacher on Laptops

Also, teachers there make a point in having a one-to-one talk with parents on Exact Path during parents’ evening and the importance of it for learning, which has helped embed it within home learning too.

Put Homework Online

The school also made a point to move homework online and show the importance of digital resources such as Exact Path and how they can help with home learning.

The school set holiday challenges up for each vacation on Exact Path, and students are rewarded when they return to school for their usage and score in assembly. This has helped with learning progress but also with parents getting onboard with encouraging their children to use Exact Path too.

Rewards on Exact Path

Teachers at the school also recommend showing parents where they can find their child’s badges, so they can see their progress and see the goals they’ve achieved. This helps with implementing it in the home as positive reinforcement can be echoed.

Help Counters

Another pointer is that the IT department at the school were involved in setting up “help counters” for parents who may need a little help in finding where things are on Exact Path or simply may need an overview of it. This was ideal for parents as they had a support centre to go to, and this helped with confidence for using it at home too.Students on Tablets

Super Student Users

Finally, the school also have “super student users” of Exact Path, who, as Shakila mentions, “talk with parents and help them out with understanding Exact Path and how to use it.”

The “super student users” are ideal as they show parents how engaging the resource is for learning and the benefits of it – they’re a great source of support too as they help parents with navigation so they can set Exact Path up at home.

Liwa International School for Girls have achieved engagement with parents and digital learning on platforms such as Exact Path because of their successful implementation. The ideas above are fantastic to use for parental engagement and so that Exact Path can be used at home to support learning progress.

Lindsay Coles

Senior Marketing Executive

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