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How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Students

Classrooms are changing landscapes with education moving away from a single approach to a multiple approach setting, where teaching practice is used alongside technology and the individual learner becomes the focus where their needs are met. Personalized learning is a great way of achieving this.

What is personalized learning?

So, when we look into this model further, with the student taking the focal point, it’s clear to see that the student takes a much more active role in their learning than in a traditional classroom system, which is how they benefit. Students self direct their learning more and further manage the tools and strategies they use to learn with and progress. But with this, we understand that teaching comes hand in hand, which is why talented and innovative teachers are instrumental in helping propel the learning forward.

Top tips for making personalized learning successful

With these main areas that help to make personalized learning successful, there are a few other components too, such as:

Check learning progress frequently

It’s important to know what is next. Compiling data points regularly that align with student growth is ideal for seeing where any intervention may be necessary but also identifying success.

Communicate with key people

It’s not just teachers that help with students meeting their goals, but parents and other stakeholders also. It may be a good idea to formulate some ideas for open communication that can happen throughout the day.

Feedback individually to students

You know your students more than anyone, and working with them individually can be really valuable. You probably have really busy schedules already, and we know this, but the time spent can benefit progress.

Curriculum paced to the right time and level

Choosing curriculum can be difficult but you must be confident in what you choose – it should be paced to your students’ needs and built in the right way for your teaching and students’ learning.

Anytime, anywhere access

Digital tools you provide need to have proof of success and a system that provides support to students so they are progressing with their learning wherever they are is beneficial.

Utilizing online tools

Technology is being used in the classroom more frequently now, but not all solutions are the same. Not only should technology be time saving for you, but it should also support learning experiences. What’s more, the right data from these needs to be put together – we explore this in our Top Tips on How Data Supports Personalized Learning blog.

Flexible learning environments

Learning shouldn’t be situated at one site. With technology being a fundamental concept to learning, this adds flexibility to suit individual preferences. Wherever learning occurs, a personalized approach should be adopted anywhere.

Personalized learning promotes fairness as they allow students to learn with opportunities that are adapted to their own needs. What’s more, it aims to help students achieve success as schools adopt the right tools to suit students. Lastly, it helps students with their freedom with learning as they can manage progress towards their own goals. Overall, the goal should always be to enable more effective learning.

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