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Here’s Our December Release Update on EducationCity…

Lucy Elson Lucy Elson   |   19/12/2019

In our latest release, we’ll share some pieces of content we’ve added to EducationCity, tell you about our latest update to assessments and share our new E-safety bundle with you. Take a read to find out more…

Whilst there’s over 50 pieces of content heading your way, we asked our EducationCity Education Team for their favorite pieces of content from this release. Try the content out for yourself by searching the content ID number in the Search bar.

LKS2 Science Learn Screen

“Seasons to Be Cheerful is a new ‘explore’ style Learn Screen for Year 1. The engaging images are full of ideas for discussion about each of the seasons, and the interactive style allows for easily navigable access to all the content.” Kerry Wilkinson, Assistant Educational Content Developer and former Deputy Headteacher

Seasons to be Cheerful (#41851): Observing changes in a scene through the different seasons.

What else should I know about this Learn Screen?

This Learn Screen is interactive and offers an element of choice for students to explore the different seasons, either on their own or as a whole class activity. It’s perfect for KS1 children, especially when learning about seasonal changes and opens up discussion as to why we wear thicker clothes in winter or why the leaves change color in autumn?

LKS2 English Video

“Class Act is another of our comprehension pieces of content in our new video format: it focuses on listening to and discussing poetry. Class Act uses an original and bespoke poem aimed at LKS2.” Jane Wardle, Educational Content Developer and writer

Class Act (#41899): Listen to and discuss poems.

What else should I know about this Video?

Class Act includes original text and follows a “listen and learn” theme where students are asked questions related to the text after they have read/listened to the story. This Learn Screen could be used as a class discussion, as you could pause it in between the story to ask students’ thoughts or at the end, to recognize who has understood the text. Perfect for building students’ confidence to read aloud!

UKS2 E-Safety Video

“Online Gaming is an ‘explore’ style Learn Screen for 9-11 year olds. It celebrates the positives of online gaming as a creative space where children can come together and interact, alongside advice on how to behave and stay safe when in an online environment.” Elizabeth Edmonds, Educational Content Developer and teacher

Online Gaming (#42169): Staying safe when playing games online.

What else should I know about this Learn Screen?

 This particular Learn Screen demystifies technology and explores topical issues related to Internet safety, online gaming and how students interact with others online. It’s user-friendly for both teachers and children and covers all areas of exploring the Internet.

That’s not all…

E-Safety Bundle

This December release sees the arrival of the new e-safety bundle to EducationCity. It is designed to enable children to safely access the enriching opportunities the Internet has to offer, with a whole host of brand new content on hand.

Some of the topics that the content covers are:

  • The impact of electronic devices and sleep.
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO).
  • The differences between face-to-face and electronic communication.
  • The relationship between your online and offline self.

To find the new bundle, simply head to Computing, select any year group and you’ll find the e-safety content there.

 There’s more to come with e-safety, so keep your eyes peeled!

To see all of the new content, simply sign in and search for the content with the IDs provided above. Alternatively, if your school doesn’t have EducationCity, sign up for a free trial.

Lucy Elson

Junior Marketing Executive

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